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Thread: LG DB660 seen as generic no cover art/thumbnails

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    Default LG DB660 seen as generic no cover art/thumbnails


    I have installed mezzmo 2.4.0 and without any problems I have set it up and running. I have LG BD660 hooked up to a netgear router via an ethernet cable. My media library is on my laptop connected wirellesly. There is not as single problems with streaming media - audio and video work fine, no stuttering or anything of thie sort, HOWEVER:

    1. the player is detected as generic device
    2. no cover art for my audio files and video thumbnails are visible on my tv. They work perfectly when browsed in mezzmo on my computer. Setting the profile to LD BD player manually did not resolve the problem.
    3. When I created my library in mezzmo I imported my Itunes playlists. But now when I create a new playlist it does not appear in mezzmo even if I manually maintain it (right click on Itunes and maintain). I tried both refreshing all files and missing information only method

    Any help?

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    To get the player detected automatically, we'll need to see a log of Mezzmo talking to it.

    Can you please turn on logging (see this thread:, then connect to Mezzmo from the BDP and browse to any folder. After that stop the server and send the logs to support (at) conceiva (dot) com and we'll adjust the device profile to auto-detect it. Thanks!

    If you browse to a folder with files during the test above, we can also check the cover art issue. Does the device display cover art if you use any other DLNA server (if you used any)? Does it display thumbnails for photos? Some devices do not display cover art, so we'll need to check whether yours is capable of displaying it and if it is, why it's not showing up.

    Are the playlists that you created in iTunes normal or smart ones? Mezzmo does not import smart playlists, but should process normal ones and add them in. If they are normal, we'll need to test this some more here.

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