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    I dont know if this is something you've looked into but I know Tivo does not support DLNA but instead uses their own method of connectivity. Any chance you guys could implement a bridge to allow streaming to Tivo? Someone has done it already in an apparently crude manner but hasnt posted it.

    It would be awesome to have one piece of software that does everything instead of having to run a DLNA server for everything but Tivo. Not to mention the current implementations for streaming to Tivo are pretty much a hack job.

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    I'm not sure we'll be integrating with proprietary equipment at this stage, but we'll investigate what djmount/pyTivo is doing at some point.

    Ideally, you'd want to see a third-party DLNA/UPnP-compatible player as an add-on to such device's firmware, because then it all just works.

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    I was looking for ways to better handle my TiVo (Series 2 HD) than with pyTiVo, and stumbled onto Mezzmo tonight. I also have an XBox 360. For better DR practices I moved all my video, photos, and music to a NetGear ReadyNAS NV+, and found that it had some TiVo support through ReadyDLNA. But it's not that full-featured to handle on-the-fly transcoding, so AVI and other formats don't show up on it. PyTiVo doesn't seem to build a catalog, so it takes forever to display the list on the TiVo. Mezzmo seems to be much faster and does the transcoding (using ffmpeg, same as PyTiVo), so is better than either pyTiVo or the ReadyDLNA stuff. But TiVo doesn't see it. It would be a great value-add.

    Oh, and if you're going to support TiVo (and even if not), it would be great if you could process the metadata files they have (video.avi uses video.avi.txt) to pull in the metadata. I've got thousands of movies and home videos of the kids full of pyTiVo compatible metadata that don't currently get pulled in.

    I'm still evaluating Mezzmo to serve to my Xbox 360, and have some things I'd like to see there, but I'll post that as a different message. Just wanted to add another "vote" for TiVo support.
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