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    Using an Sony Ericsson Experia X10 (non DLNA cert.) found and installed iMediaShare as it has DLNA support. Connected phone to network (WiFi) and as a test, chose a picture through I/shre to display on the Bravia (DLNA) enabled TV. I/Share found the TV with the message 'waiting for KDL-40W.....', but nothing happened.

    The TV is on a wired network, and as such has no problems in detecting 'Mezzmo' (DLNA software on main PC). So, I added the phone to the device profile within Mezzmo, and Mezzmo detected the phone (however, it was detected as 'Samsung Captivate' which is probably a Generic setting) But I/Share does not see Mezzmo as a device / server and as such I cannot see the device in the 'Network Pane' of Mezzmo.

    The reason for I/Share was to enable video streaming direct to the Bravia, but I guess, as usual, the Bravia does not support this. Is it possible to stream the video to Mezzmo for the video to then be played on the Bravia??

    Basically, is there a way to get these 3 devices communicating with each other....via Mezzmo?


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    The first thing I'd check is that all three are on the same subnet - usually wireless and wired networks use different subnets, and if that's the case, the three won't talk to each other.

    Do you want to use your phone as a sort of a "remote control", e.g. to select movies from Mezzmo and then push them to the TV?

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