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Thread: A Guide to Chaptering on Samsung TVs

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    Lightbulb A Guide to Chaptering on Samsung TVs

    A Guide to Chaptering on Samsung TVs

    Edit: Sep 9th 2011. From Mezzmo version 2.4.3 Auto Chaptering is now supported, in realtime. This means that by default 15min chapter points will be added on devices that support them. You can customise the default chapter length and the default thumbnail by editing the profile file (.prf). You can still use the guide below to add .MTA files if you want custom chapters or images on a per-file basis.

    Samsung introduced Media Chaptering in some of their 2010 sets, C series and above. Unfortunately it's a bit of a mystery which TVs support Chaptering, you will need to check with a local USB video file.
    This means that by pressing the center button on your remote control (or pressing the Tools button and selecting Chapter Search onscreen), you can access chapter points and jump to later parts of your video. This is far better than using the FF feature which can be quite time consuming. Until recently, this useful feature has only been available for users of the Samsung DLNA Server (PC Share Manager) or local USB media. At this time, no other DLNA server supports Chaptering except Mezzmo.

    Mezzmo now supports chapter points for your video files and these can be customised for your time points and also your own thumbnail images to be shown onscreen.

    To use Chaptering on your Samsung TV, you will need an .MTA file for each of your video files. The filename of the .MTA needs to be the same name as your video. For example:


    There is a basic .MTA file attached below which you can use, you will need to unzip it first. It contains 8 chapter points split into 15minute segments and all have a black thumbnail. All you need to do is rename the .MTA file and save it in the same folder as your video file.

    The content of .MTA file is not unique to each video, so the same .MTA file can be copied as many times as you like for all your videos. Only the filename needs to be changed.
    Once the files are saved, you need to run 'Maintain Library' in Mezzmo and they will be added to the database. To save time, you only need to select Video files and also select 'Only update files with missing information'.

    After this is done, you can press the center button on your remote control (or press the Tools button and select Chapter Search onscreen) while playing a video and you will see the 15minute chapter points and also black thumbnails.

    See post#2 below for advanced users who want to edit/create their own .MTA files for custom chapter times or custom thumbnail images.

    If you get stuck, just post a question here.



    Thanks should go to Dennis and all the Mezzmo team at Conceiva who do a great job with this product and respond daily to requests like this Chaptering feature. As far as I know, Mezzmo is the only DLNA server (except Samsung's Share Manager) to support FF/REW, Resume and now Chaptering. So thank you.
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