I don't run as an admin user normally, as is good practice, so why does Mezzmo insist on running as an Admin while launching the GUI? I can understand that for installing, but not for using.

I'm been playing with it for the last few weeks on an XP VM and it's been by far the best media server I've found yet for Windows, but this need to be admin to a major blocker. I've just installed on our "house server" - a Win2003 machine - and I really don't want people logging onto that as a domain administrator just to share an extra folder or even start to update ratings etc. And to be honest, I'd rather not have 3rd party software running as an admin account ether.

Even your use case of Dad has his library, kids have their library etc on the family PC is undermined by this - there's no way my kid is getting admin right's over my PC!

I hope there's a quick fix for this as it's the only things stopping me from purchasing. I also saw the post on separating the GUI from the Server and looking forward to seeing the full details of that too. Have already moved the DB to a different disk, and figure would be something really good to have in the installer - those DB files get pretty big!