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Thread: Several problems to report

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    Now i am beginning to understand the streaming process better. So if i understood you right if i wait for the transcoding process to finish then i should not witness any pauses or freezes. And if this is true how will i know the transcoding has finished/started, how long will it take for mezzmo to transcode any file and finally how can i initiate transcoding without actually watching the movie?
    Sorry for another list of questions again.
    Thanks again

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    Yes, on systems which are not powerful enough, or with some devices that do not play transcoded files well, it helps to wait till transcoding is finished.

    At the moment the only way to know when it's done is to watch Task Manager for "ffmpeg.exe" and/or higher CPU usage.

    We'll release a version of Mezzmo soon that will allow you to pre-transcode files and it will also provide feedback on which files are transcoded/streamed/etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by moondial View Post
    I purchased the mezzmo just a few days ago, however since then i have had several problems which i note here
    1. When i connect it through my Samsung 3d bluray player bdp-c5900
    a. subtitle file .srt do not work

    The benefit of connecting thro the bluray player is that all the original sound formats including DD, DTS, DTS-MHD etc all these are decoded beautifully and i enjoy perfect sound thro the amp and the surround system.
    I'm having the same problem with .srt subtitles not working but to my delight did learn one thing. ARC HDMI. Look at the user manual for your devices and search for "ARC". Your Samsung TV should have it. If your Audio system also has an ARC capable HDMI output, you can send the audio from your TV to your audio sound system and recover multi channel audio that way.

    On my TV (Samsung 50C7000) it's HDMI port 2 that has the ARC capability. If you can get the video to work on your TV and not your blu ray player, this is a work around and still be able to use your sound system (and not just the TV speakers).

    This requires the audio receiver's output HDMI port to also support ARC and I think it requires an HDMI 1.4 cable (which you probably got for your 3D bluray player). You have to make sure your Audio receiver can also handle it otherwise don't enable it on your TV. Not sure what would happen but it could be dangerous to enable if both devices are not capable. On my TV HDMI-2 jack has label that says "ARC". That's the one I use.

    The ARC feature has other benefits too since the volume control on your other Samsung devices remote's will suddenly work for your receiver and you won't have to use your audio receivers remote for the volume all the time.

    This HDMI ARC thing was so cool to find out about and although didn't fix my .srt problems (they don't work at all), I thought it was worth sharing. When ARC is enabled on both devices It turns your HDMI port into a duplex port that communicates both ways between your audio receiver and your television. This allows you to use the TV's receiver to decode the audio and send it your audio receiver. It also works for over the air signals (antenna or cable connected to the back of the TV) received by your TV to send the audio to your sound system. ARC is also nice if you want to take advantage of the PIP and dual receiver options you may have.

    Alas, subtitles .srt are still not working though.
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    Update .srt subtitle files do work now on my Samsung devices with Mezzimo.
    Thanks, Dennis!

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