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Thread: Accessing files from other DLNA servers on the network

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    Default Accessing files from other DLNA servers on the network

    I have Mezzmo running on my PC to serve primarily audio files to a Samsung 6-series TV and a Samsung 5-series blu-ray in separate rooms. I also have a Humax HDR-Fox T2 1tb (also set up as a DLNA Media Server) on the network recording video files connected to the Samsung TV via. All works fine for music & photos.

    I can play .ts files from the Humax on the Samsung TV over the network (although there is no need as they are phycially plugged in to each other). However, I can see but can't play the same files on the Samsung Blu-Ray ("not supported file format"). I can see (and play) Humax .ts files that have been copied onto the PC (by USB), using the Samsung Blu-ray via Mezzmo. Maybe Mezzmo can help!?

    I can open the Humax file structure in the 'network' tab in Mezzmo and add the .ts video files from the Humax to my Mezzmo playlist. I can see these files on the playlist on the Samsung blu-ray (via Mezzmo), but it still won't play them ("not supported file format"). Reading the Mezzmo help files it seems that it just re-directs requests from media players over DLNA to the Humax media server, rather than processing the file itself.

    Any ideas (other than copying all of the Humax video files onto the PC and playing them that way)? Is it possible for Mezzmo to process the files on the other DLNA server and stream them to the Samsung Blu-ray, rather than just redirecting it to the HUmax?

    Any thoughts appreciated...thanks PhilipS

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    Can you please enable logging (see this thread: then try playing one of those files that you added to Mezzmo from your Humax and once it fails, stop the server and send the logs to support - we'll take a look to see why it's failing.
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