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Thread: Native format passthrough (BD M2TS, DTS-MA/TrueHD)

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    Can you please enable logging (see this thread: then try playing one of the files with the modified profile again and once transcoding kicks in, stop the server and send in the logs. Those files should've been passed through, so I need to check why they didn't.

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    No worries. Will do it tonight and post back.

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    Thanks! One thing to keep in mind is to edit the current device profile file, not create a copy of it, otherwise that copy may be used instead of the one you intend.

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    Thanks. Yes I did make modification only to the current profile, and renamed the backup folder so Mezzmo had no chance of picking up other versions of the profile. The modified profile was also checked and XML-validated for typos.

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    Ok, hopefully the logs will tell the story then. Is your network set to default and no performance settings adjusted either?
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    I deleted the device association a dozen times so as to have the BDV re-register with Mezzmo and pick up the default settings.

    Regarding network performance, I have Gigabit infrastructure up to the BDV device (which only offers 100Mbps ethernet). No CPU usage on the machine that runs Mezzmo and the process priority of MezzmoMediaServer.exe is explicit promoted to "Above Normal" by a 3rd-party tool. BDV is connected to the same Gigabit switch as Mezzmo.

    I/O read throughput from my NAS is sustained ~30MB/s and "interrupt moderation" on NIC is turned off just in case.

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    I would actually recommend doing the opposite - go to Media Devices dialog, edit your device and select the profile you've edited ("Sony BDP (PAL)"), after that click OK to save. This will prevent Mezzmo auto-detecting it as something else and using a wrong profile.

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    Yup I made sure it was "Sony BDP (PAL)" every time, also checked MAC address.

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    Ok, here's a log, and see attached file for my Sony BDP prf:

    1 - Oct 16 13:18:30.260 - TRANS> Input file: \\\Media\\Movies\HD\Black Hawk Down [2001].m2ts

    2 - Oct 16 13:18:30.260 - > Transcoder: Executing: C:\Program Files (x86)\Conceiva\Mezzmo\ffmpeg.exe -i "\\\Media\\Movies\HD\Black Hawk Down [2001].m2ts" -y -vcodec libx264 -acodec ac3_fixed -ac 6 -ab 640000 -ar 48000 -sn -f mpegts -threads 0 -pix_fmt yuv420p -copyinkf -coder 1 -flags +loop -cmp +chroma -me_method hex -subq 7 -me_range 16 -g 25 -keyint_min 25 -sc_threshold 40 -i_qfactor 0.71 -b_strategy 1 -qcomp 0.6 -qmin 10 -qmax 51 -qdiff 4 -directpred 1 -flags2 +fastpskip+bpyramid+mixed_refs-dct8x8+wpred+aud+ivlc+mbtree -partitions -parti8x8-parti4x4-partp8x8-partp4x4-partb8x8 -crf 22 -bf 1 -refs 2 -bidir_refine 1 -deblockalpha 0 -deblockbeta 0 -bsf h264_mp4toannexb -strict experimental "D:\TranscodingFiles\1C9C9556-081A-4c45-861D-9EACC586B655\Video\104-mpegts_transcoding-libx264-ac3.mzt"

    3 - Oct 16 13:18:30.260 - > Ffmpeg --------------------------------------------------------------------

    4 - Oct 16 13:18:30.262 - > Looks like transcoding started ok, let's wait for the actual file a bit...

    5 - Oct 16 13:18:31.062 - > Transcoded file is ok, size is 57904 bytes

    6 - Oct 16 13:18:31.063 - ffmpeg version N-33093-gb4483a5, Copyright (c) 2000-2011 the FFmpeg developers

    built on Sep 29 2011 14:54:32 with gcc 4.4.2

    [mpegts @ 0003c6a0] max_analyze_duration 5000000 reached at 5000000

    [NULL @ 019387c0] start time is not set in estimate_timings_from_pts

    Input #0, mpegts, from '\\\Media\\Movies\HD\Black Hawk Down [2001].m2ts':

    Duration: 02:23:26.07, start: 600.000000, bitrate: 30442 kb/s

    Program 1

    Stream #0:0[0x1011]: Video: mpeg2video (Main) ([2][0][0][0] / 0x0002), yuv420p, 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], 38000 kb/s, 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 90k tbn, 47.95 tbc

    Stream #0:1[0x1100](eng): Audio: truehd (AC-3 / 0x332D4341), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s32

    Stream #0:2[0x1100]: Audio: ac3 (AC-3 / 0x332D4341), 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s16, 640 kb/s

    Stream #0:3[0x1200](eng): Subtitle: hdmv_pgs_subtitle ([144][0][0][0] / 0x0090)

    [buffer @ 019d9aa0] w:1920 h:1080 pixfmt:yuv420p tb:1/1000000 sar:1/1 sws_param:

    Incompatible sample format 's32' for codec 'ac3_fixed', auto-selecting format 's16'

    [libx264 @ 0003ede0] using SAR=1/1

    [libx264 @ 0003ede0] using cpu capabilities: MMX2 SSE2Fast SSSE3 FastShuffle SSE4.2 AVX

    [libx264 @ 0003ede0] profile Main, level 4.0

    [ac3_fixed @ 022e36c0] channel_layout not specified

    [ac3_fixed @ 022e36c0] No channel layout specified. The encoder will guess the layout, but it might be incorrect.

    [mpegts @ 019d8420] muxrate VBR, pcr every 2 pkts, sdt every 200, pat/pmt every 40 pkts

    Output #0, mpegts, to 'D:\TranscodingFiles\1C9C9556-081A-4c45-861D-9EACC586B655\Video\104-mpegts_transcoding-libx264-ac3.mzt':


    encoder : Lavf53.13.0

    Stream #0:0: Video: h264, yuv420p, 1920x1080 [SAR 1:1 DAR 16:9], q=10-51, 90k tbn, 23.98 tbc

    Stream #0:1(eng): Audio: ac3, 48000 Hz, 5.1(side), s16, 640 kb/s

    Stream mapping:

    Stream #0.0 -> #0.0 (mpeg2video -> libx264)

    Stream #0.1 -> #0.1 (truehd -> ac3_fixed)

    Press [q] to stop, [?] for help

    frame= 51 fps= 0 q=30.0 size= 57kB time=00:00:00.66 bitrate= 694.2kbits/s
    frame= 104 fps= 94 q=27.0 size= 254kB time=00:00:02.87 bitrate= 724.3kbits/s
    frame= 154 fps= 96 q=25.0 size= 441kB time=00:00:04.96 bitrate= 728.2kbits/s
    frame= 203 fps= 92 q=27.0 size= 630kB time=00:00:07.00 bitrate= 736.0kbits/s
    frame= 235 fps= 35 q=27.0 size= 771kB time=00:00:08.34 bitrate= 757.6kbits/s
    frame= 278 fps= 38 q=27.0 size= 953kB time=00:00:10.13 bitrate= 770.3kbits/s
    frame= 328 fps= 42 q=27.0 size= 1169kB time=00:00:12.22 bitrate= 784.0kbits/s
    frame= 378 fps= 45 q=27.0 size= 1379kB time=00:00:14.30 bitrate= 789.6kbits/s
    frame= 409 fps= 46 q=27.0 size= 1513kB time=00:00:15.59 bitrate= 794.6kbits/s
    frame= 454 fps= 48 q=24.0 size= 1712kB time=00:00:17.47 bitrate= 802.4kbits/s
    frame= 485 fps= 49 q=27.0 size= 1859kB time=00:00:18.76 bitrate= 811.4kbits/s
    frame= 528 fps= 50 q=27.0 size= 2053kB time=00:00:20.56 bitrate= 817.8kbits/s
    frame= 569 fps= 51 q=27.0 size= 2244kB time=00:00:22.27 bitrate= 825.5kbits/s
    frame= 587 fps= 51 q=27.0 size= 2330kB time=00:00:23.02 bitrate= 829.1kbits/s
    frame= 602 fps= 50 q=27.0 size= 2432kB time=00:00:23.64 bitrate= 842.4kbits/s
    frame= 611 fps= 48 q=27.0 size= 2771kB time=00:00:24.02 bitrate= 944.9kbits/s
    frame= 618 fps= 47 q=27.0 size= 3103kB time=00:00:24.31 bitrate=1045.3kbits/s
    frame= 624 fps= 45 q=27.0 size= 3468kB time=00:00:24.56 bitrate=1156.4kbits/s
    frame= 628 fps= 44 q=24.0 size= 3741kB time=00:00:24.73 bitrate=1239.2kbits/s
    frame= 633 fps= 43 q=27.0 size= 4197kB time=00:00:24.94 bitrate=1378.6kbits/s
    frame= 638 fps= 42 q=27.0 size= 4609kB time=00:00:25.15 bitrate=1501.1kbits/s
    frame= 644 fps= 40 q=27.0 size= 5120kB time=00:00:25.40 bitrate=1651.1kbits/s
    frame= 650 fps= 39 q=27.0 size= 5653kB time=00:00:25.65 bitrate=1805.3kbits/s
    frame= 656 fps= 38 q=27.0 size= 6245kB time=00:00:25.90 bitrate=1975.1kbits/s
    frame= 661 fps= 37 q=27.0 size= 6886kB time=00:00:26.10 bitrate=2160.6kbits/s
    frame= 666 fps= 36 q=27.0 size= 7478kB time=00:00:26.31 bitrate=2327.8kbits/s
    frame= 672 fps= 36 q=27.0 size= 8230kB time=00:00:26.56 bitrate=2537.6kbits/s
    frame= 675 fps= 35 q=27.0 size= 8596kB time=00:00:26.69 bitrate=2638.0kbits/s
    frame= 683 fps= 34 q=27.0 size= 9705kB time=00:00:27.02 bitrate=2941.5kbits/s
    frame= 689 fps= 33 q=27.0 size= 10467kB time=00:00:27.27 bitrate=3143.4kbits/s
    frame= 694 fps= 33 q=27.0 size= 11109kB time=00:00:27.48 bitrate=3310.9kbits/s
    frame= 698 fps= 32 q=27.0 size= 11588kB time=00:00:27.65 bitrate=3433.0kbits/s
    frame= 705 fps= 32 q=27.0 size= 12570kB time=00:00:27.94 bitrate=3685.1kbits/s
    frame= 711 fps= 31 q=27.0 size= 13337kB time=00:00:28.19 bitrate=3875.1kbits/s
    frame= 717 fps= 31 q=27.0 size= 14090kB time=00:00:28.44 bitrate=4057.7kbits/s
    frame= 722 fps= 30 q=27.0 size= 14722kB time=00:00:28.65 bitrate=4208.9kbits/s
    frame= 728 fps= 30 q=27.0 size= 15483kB time=00:00:28.90 bitrate=4388.2kbits/s
    frame= 735 fps= 29 q=27.0 size= 16421kB time=00:00:29.19 bitrate=4607.5kbits/s
    frame= 742 fps= 29 q=27.0 size= 17230kB time=00:00:29.48 bitrate=4786.7kbits/s
    frame= 747 fps= 28 q=27.0 size= 17824kB time=00:00:29.69 bitrate=4916.8kbits/s
    frame= 754 fps= 28 q=27.0 size= 18775kB time=00:00:29.98 bitrate=5128.8kbits/s
    frame= 760 fps= 28 q=27.0 size= 19503kB time=00:00:30.23 bitrate=5283.7kbits/s
    frame= 766 fps= 27 q=27.0 size= 20229kB time=00:00:30.48 bitrate=5435.2kbits/s
    frame= 770 fps= 27 q=27.0 size= 20694kB time=00:00:30.65 bitrate=5530.0kbits/s
    frame= 776 fps= 27 q=27.0 size= 21399kB time=00:00:30.90 bitrate=5672.0kbits/s
    frame= 780 fps= 26 q=27.0 size= 21993kB time=00:00:31.07 bitrate=5798.2kbits/s
    frame= 786 fps= 26 q=27.0 size= 22704kB time=00:00:31.32 bitrate=5938.0kbits/s
    frame= 792 fps= 26 q=27.0 size= 23412kB time=00:00:31.57 bitrate=6074.4kbits/s
    frame= 796 fps= 26 q=24.0 size= 23851kB time=00:00:31.74 bitrate=6156.0kbits/s
    frame= 802 fps= 25 q=27.0 size= 24642kB time=00:00:31.99 bitrate=6310.3kbits/s
    frame= 807 fps= 25 q=27.0 size= 25185kB time=00:00:32.19 bitrate=6407.6kbits/s
    frame= 813 fps= 25 q=27.0 size= 25831kB time=00:00:32.44 bitrate=6521.1kbits/s
    frame= 818 fps= 25 q=27.0 size= 26374kB time=00:00:32.65 bitrate=6615.8kbits/s
    frame= 824 fps= 24 q=27.0 size= 27032kB time=00:00:32.90 bitrate=6729.3kbits/s
    frame= 831 fps= 24 q=27.0 size= 27893kB time=00:00:33.19 bitrate=6882.5kbits/s
    frame= 837 fps= 24 q=27.0 size= 28522kB time=00:00:33.45 bitrate=6985.1kbits/s
    frame= 842 fps= 24 q=27.0 size= 29038kB time=00:00:33.65 bitrate=7067.4kbits/s
    frame= 849 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 29828kB time=00:00:33.95 bitrate=7197.1kbits/s
    frame= 855 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 30459kB time=00:00:34.20 bitrate=7295.7kbits/s
    frame= 860 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 30970kB time=00:00:34.40 bitrate=7373.2kbits/s
    frame= 866 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 31592kB time=00:00:34.65 bitrate=7466.8kbits/s
    frame= 871 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 32117kB time=00:00:34.86 bitrate=7545.6kbits/s
    frame= 877 fps= 23 q=27.0 size= 32777kB time=00:00:35.11 bitrate=7645.9kbits/s
    frame= 883 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 33367kB time=00:00:35.36 bitrate=7728.4kbits/s
    frame= 889 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 33961kB time=00:00:35.61 bitrate=7810.6kbits/s
    frame= 894 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 34441kB time=00:00:35.82 bitrate=7875.1kbits/s
    frame= 899 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 35006kB time=00:00:36.03 bitrate=7957.9kbits/s
    frame= 903 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 35411kB time=00:00:36.20 bitrate=8012.8kbits/s
    frame= 909 fps= 22 q=27.0 size= 35994kB time=00:00:36.45 bitrate=8088.8kbits/s
    frame= 913 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 36366kB time=00:00:36.61 bitrate=8135.1kbits/s
    frame= 919 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 36924kB time=00:00:36.87 bitrate=8203.9kbits/s
    frame= 924 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 37484kB time=00:00:37.07 bitrate=8281.6kbits/s
    frame= 931 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 38106kB time=00:00:37.37 bitrate=8353.1kbits/s
    frame= 937 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 38640kB time=00:00:37.62 bitrate=8413.9kbits/s
    frame= 942 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 39096kB time=00:00:37.82 bitrate=8466.2kbits/s
    frame= 948 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 39762kB time=00:00:38.07 bitrate=8553.8kbits/s
    frame= 953 fps= 21 q=27.0 size= 40204kB time=00:00:38.28 bitrate=8601.8kbits/s
    frame= 958 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 40671kB time=00:00:38.49 bitrate=8654.7kbits/s
    frame= 964 fps= 20 q=24.0 size= 41258kB time=00:00:38.74 bitrate=8723.0kbits/s
    frame= 969 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 41822kB time=00:00:38.95 bitrate=8794.8kbits/s
    frame= 974 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 42308kB time=00:00:39.16 bitrate=8849.5kbits/s
    frame= 979 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 42776kB time=00:00:39.37 bitrate=8900.1kbits/s
    frame= 985 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 43335kB time=00:00:39.62 bitrate=8959.5kbits/s
    frame= 988 fps= 20 q=24.0 size= 43634kB time=00:00:39.74 bitrate=8992.9kbits/s
    frame= 992 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 44039kB time=00:00:39.91 bitrate=9038.3kbits/s
    frame= 999 fps= 20 q=27.0 size= 44793kB time=00:00:40.20 bitrate=9126.5kbits/s
    frame= 1002 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 45097kB time=00:00:40.33 bitrate=9159.8kbits/s
    frame= 1007 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 45588kB time=00:00:40.54 bitrate=9212.0kbits/s
    frame= 1011 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 45969kB time=00:00:40.70 bitrate=9250.9kbits/s
    frame= 1018 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 46723kB time=00:00:40.99 bitrate=9335.6kbits/s
    frame= 1024 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 47273kB time=00:00:41.24 bitrate=9388.3kbits/s
    frame= 1029 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 47708kB time=00:00:41.45 bitrate=9427.0kbits/s
    frame= 1035 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 48240kB time=00:00:41.70 bitrate=9474.9kbits/s
    frame= 1041 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 48870kB time=00:00:41.95 bitrate=9541.4kbits/s
    frame= 1048 fps= 19 q=27.0 size= 49515kB time=00:00:42.25 bitrate=9600.6kbits/s
    frame= 1053 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 49978kB time=00:00:42.45 bitrate=9642.7kbits/s
    frame= 1057 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 50318kB time=00:00:42.62 bitrate=9670.3kbits/s
    frame= 1060 fps= 18 q=24.0 size= 50569kB time=00:00:42.75 bitrate=9690.1kbits/s
    frame= 1067 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 51177kB time=00:00:43.04 bitrate=9740.2kbits/s
    frame= 1074 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 51636kB time=00:00:43.33 bitrate=9761.3kbits/s
    frame= 1082 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 52068kB time=00:00:43.66 bitrate=9767.6kbits/s
    frame= 1092 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 52454kB time=00:00:44.08 bitrate=9747.0kbits/s
    frame= 1109 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 52627kB time=00:00:44.79 bitrate=9624.3kbits/s
    frame= 1121 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 52692kB time=00:00:45.29 bitrate=9529.7kbits/s
    frame= 1133 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 52925kB time=00:00:45.79 bitrate=9467.3kbits/s
    frame= 1140 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 53217kB time=00:00:46.08 bitrate=9459.2kbits/s
    frame= 1145 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 53455kB time=00:00:46.29 bitrate=9458.8kbits/s
    frame= 1153 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 54042kB time=00:00:46.62 bitrate=9494.1kbits/s
    frame= 1161 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 54628kB time=00:00:46.96 bitrate=9529.0kbits/s
    frame= 1167 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 55126kB time=00:00:47.21 bitrate=9564.9kbits/s
    frame= 1171 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 55483kB time=00:00:47.38 bitrate=9592.9kbits/s
    frame= 1177 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 56134kB time=00:00:47.63 bitrate=9654.4kbits/s
    frame= 1183 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 56686kB time=00:00:47.88 bitrate=9698.5kbits/s
    frame= 1192 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 57529kB time=00:00:48.25 bitrate=9766.2kbits/s
    frame= 1198 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 58068kB time=00:00:48.50 bitrate=9806.7kbits/s
    frame= 1205 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 58839kB time=00:00:48.79 bitrate=9877.5kbits/s
    frame= 1210 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 59332kB time=00:00:49.00 bitrate=9917.9kbits/s
    frame= 1216 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 59886kB time=00:00:49.25 bitrate=9959.7kbits/s
    frame= 1223 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 60477kB time=00:00:49.54 bitrate=9998.7kbits/s
    frame= 1231 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 61349kB time=00:00:49.88 bitrate=10075.0kbits/s
    frame= 1237 fps= 18 q=27.0 size= 61890kB time=00:00:50.13 bitrate=10113.1kbits/s
    frame= 1242 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 62325kB time=00:00:50.34 bitrate=10142.0kbits/s
    frame= 1251 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 63267kB time=00:00:50.71 bitrate=10219.0kbits/s
    frame= 1257 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 63820kB time=00:00:50.96 bitrate=10257.8kbits/s
    frame= 1263 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 64364kB time=00:00:51.21 bitrate=10294.6kbits/s
    frame= 1268 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 64792kB time=00:00:51.42 bitrate=10321.2kbits/s
    frame= 1275 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 65564kB time=00:00:51.71 bitrate=10385.1kbits/s
    frame= 1281 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 66103kB time=00:00:51.96 bitrate=10420.0kbits/s
    frame= 1287 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 66658kB time=00:00:52.21 bitrate=10457.2kbits/s
    frame= 1294 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 67247kB time=00:00:52.51 bitrate=10490.9kbits/s
    frame= 1301 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 67892kB time=00:00:52.80 bitrate=10533.1kbits/s
    frame= 1310 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 68397kB time=00:00:53.17 bitrate=10536.5kbits/s
    frame= 1325 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 68812kB time=00:00:53.80 bitrate=10477.1kbits/s
    frame= 1341 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 68870kB time=00:00:54.47 bitrate=10357.5kbits/s
    frame= 1352 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 69108kB time=00:00:54.92 bitrate=10306.4kbits/s
    frame= 1358 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 69482kB time=00:00:55.18 bitrate=10315.2kbits/s
    frame= 1367 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 70390kB time=00:00:55.55 bitrate=10379.5kbits/s
    frame= 1372 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 70877kB time=00:00:55.76 bitrate=10412.2kbits/s
    frame= 1377 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 71411kB time=00:00:55.97 bitrate=10451.6kbits/s
    frame= 1382 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 71983kB time=00:00:56.18 bitrate=10496.1kbits/s
    frame= 1388 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 72727kB time=00:00:56.43 bitrate=10557.6kbits/s
    frame= 1394 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 73431kB time=00:00:56.68 bitrate=10612.8kbits/s
    frame= 1399 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 74014kB time=00:00:56.89 bitrate=10657.8kbits/s
    frame= 1404 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 74581kB time=00:00:57.09 bitrate=10700.2kbits/s
    frame= 1410 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 75295kB time=00:00:57.34 bitrate=10755.5kbits/s
    frame= 1416 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 76068kB time=00:00:57.59 bitrate=10818.7kbits/s
    frame= 1422 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 76773kB time=00:00:57.84 bitrate=10871.7kbits/s
    frame= 1427 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 77362kB time=00:00:58.05 bitrate=10915.9kbits/s
    frame= 1432 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 77928kB time=00:00:58.26 bitrate=10956.3kbits/s
    frame= 1437 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 78595kB time=00:00:58.47 bitrate=11010.6kbits/s
    frame= 1442 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 79192kB time=00:00:58.68 bitrate=11054.9kbits/s
    frame= 1447 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 79780kB time=00:00:58.89 bitrate=11097.5kbits/s
    frame= 1452 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 80376kB time=00:00:59.10 bitrate=11141.0kbits/s
    frame= 1461 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 81495kB time=00:00:59.47 bitrate=11224.8kbits/s
    frame= 1464 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 81857kB time=00:00:59.60 bitrate=11250.9kbits/s
    frame= 1469 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 82435kB time=00:00:59.80 bitrate=11290.9kbits/s
    frame= 1474 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 83017kB time=00:01:00.01 bitrate=11331.1kbits/s
    frame= 1478 fps= 16 q=24.0 size= 83492kB time=00:01:00.18 bitrate=11364.3kbits/s
    frame= 1485 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 84410kB time=00:01:00.47 bitrate=11433.9kbits/s
    frame= 1490 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 84980kB time=00:01:00.68 bitrate=11471.6kbits/s
    frame= 1495 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 85518kB time=00:01:00.89 bitrate=11504.6kbits/s
    frame= 1500 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 86018kB time=00:01:01.10 bitrate=11532.4kbits/s
    frame= 1505 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 86465kB time=00:01:01.31 bitrate=11552.9kbits/s
    frame= 1514 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 87104kB time=00:01:01.68 bitrate=11567.5kbits/s
    frame= 1547 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 87352kB time=00:01:03.06 bitrate=11347.1kbits/s
    frame= 1586 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 87559kB time=00:01:04.68 bitrate=11088.1kbits/s
    frame= 1618 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 87725kB time=00:01:06.02 bitrate=10884.5kbits/s
    frame= 1657 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 87941kB time=00:01:07.65 bitrate=10649.0kbits/s
    frame= 1676 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 88032kB time=00:01:08.44 bitrate=10536.5kbits/s
    frame= 1689 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 88091kB time=00:01:08.98 bitrate=10460.7kbits/s
    frame= 1700 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 88376kB time=00:01:09.44 bitrate=10425.3kbits/s
    frame= 1708 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 88713kB time=00:01:09.77 bitrate=10414.9kbits/s
    frame= 1714 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 89036kB time=00:01:10.02 bitrate=10415.6kbits/s
    frame= 1722 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 89599kB time=00:01:10.36 bitrate=10431.7kbits/s
    frame= 1728 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 90039kB time=00:01:10.61 bitrate=10445.8kbits/s
    frame= 1734 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 90527kB time=00:01:10.86 bitrate=10465.3kbits/s
    frame= 1741 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 91101kB time=00:01:11.15 bitrate=10488.5kbits/s
    frame= 1747 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 91687kB time=00:01:11.40 bitrate=10518.9kbits/s
    frame= 1754 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 92284kB time=00:01:11.69 bitrate=10544.2kbits/s
    frame= 1760 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 92795kB time=00:01:11.94 bitrate=10565.8kbits/s
    frame= 1767 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 93458kB time=00:01:12.23 bitrate=10598.3kbits/s
    frame= 1773 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 93963kB time=00:01:12.48 bitrate=10618.7kbits/s
    frame= 1779 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 94464kB time=00:01:12.73 bitrate=10638.7kbits/s
    frame= 1785 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 94970kB time=00:01:12.98 bitrate=10659.0kbits/s
    frame= 1792 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 95635kB time=00:01:13.28 bitrate=10690.9kbits/s
    frame= 1798 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 96138kB time=00:01:13.53 bitrate=10710.5kbits/s
    frame= 1805 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 96708kB time=00:01:13.82 bitrate=10731.4kbits/s
    frame= 1812 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 97281kB time=00:01:14.11 bitrate=10752.5kbits/s
    frame= 1817 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 97774kB time=00:01:14.32 bitrate=10776.6kbits/s
    frame= 1824 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 98325kB time=00:01:14.61 bitrate=10794.9kbits/s
    frame= 1830 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 98805kB time=00:01:14.86 bitrate=10811.4kbits/s
    frame= 1837 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 99370kB time=00:01:15.15 bitrate=10831.0kbits/s
    frame= 1844 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 100011kB time=00:01:15.45 bitrate=10858.6kbits/s
    frame= 1850 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 100494kB time=00:01:15.70 bitrate=10875.0kbits/s
    frame= 1855 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 100914kB time=00:01:15.90 bitrate=10890.5kbits/s
    frame= 1863 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 101695kB time=00:01:16.24 bitrate=10926.8kbits/s
    frame= 1870 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 102324kB time=00:01:16.53 bitrate=10952.4kbits/s
    frame= 1876 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 102804kB time=00:01:16.78 bitrate=10967.9kbits/s
    frame= 1881 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 103149kB time=00:01:16.99 bitrate=10974.9kbits/s
    frame= 1889 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 103703kB time=00:01:17.32 bitrate=10986.3kbits/s
    frame= 1898 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 104144kB time=00:01:17.70 bitrate=10979.7kbits/s
    frame= 1919 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 104493kB time=00:01:18.57 bitrate=10893.6kbits/s
    frame= 1956 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 104702kB time=00:01:20.12 bitrate=10705.2kbits/s
    frame= 1995 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 104939kB time=00:01:21.74 bitrate=10515.9kbits/s
    frame= 2015 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 105053kB time=00:01:22.58 bitrate=10421.1kbits/s
    frame= 2030 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 105146kB time=00:01:23.20 bitrate=10351.8kbits/s
    frame= 2041 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 105496kB time=00:01:23.66 bitrate=10329.3kbits/s
    frame= 2049 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 105937kB time=00:01:24.00 bitrate=10331.3kbits/s
    frame= 2054 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 106292kB time=00:01:24.20 bitrate=10340.3kbits/s
    frame= 2063 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 107048kB time=00:01:24.58 bitrate=10367.6kbits/s
    frame= 2069 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 107547kB time=00:01:24.83 bitrate=10385.2kbits/s
    frame= 2075 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 108038kB time=00:01:25.08 bitrate=10401.9kbits/s
    frame= 2082 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 108618kB time=00:01:25.37 bitrate=10422.0kbits/s
    frame= 2089 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 109275kB time=00:01:25.66 bitrate=10449.3kbits/s
    frame= 2094 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 109685kB time=00:01:25.87 bitrate=10463.1kbits/s
    frame= 2101 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 110288kB time=00:01:26.16 bitrate=10484.9kbits/s
    frame= 2107 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 110806kB time=00:01:26.41 bitrate=10503.7kbits/s
    frame= 2114 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 111478kB time=00:01:26.71 bitrate=10531.8kbits/s
    frame= 2121 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 112093kB time=00:01:27.00 bitrate=10554.4kbits/s
    frame= 2126 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 112549kB time=00:01:27.21 bitrate=10571.9kbits/s
    frame= 2135 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 113407kB time=00:01:27.58 bitrate=10606.9kbits/s
    frame= 2139 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 113760kB time=00:01:27.75 bitrate=10619.6kbits/s
    frame= 2145 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 114298kB time=00:01:28.00 bitrate=10639.6kbits/s
    frame= 2151 fps= 17 q=24.0 size= 114840kB time=00:01:28.25 bitrate=10659.7kbits/s
    frame= 2157 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 115440kB time=00:01:28.50 bitrate=10685.1kbits/s
    frame= 2164 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 116059kB time=00:01:28.79 bitrate=10707.1kbits/s
    frame= 2172 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 116771kB time=00:01:29.13 bitrate=10732.4kbits/s
    frame= 2177 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 117216kB time=00:01:29.33 bitrate=10748.1kbits/s
    frame= 2183 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 117826kB time=00:01:29.58 bitrate=10773.9kbits/s
    frame= 2189 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 118395kB time=00:01:29.83 bitrate=10795.8kbits/s
    frame= 2195 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 118944kB time=00:01:30.09 bitrate=10815.7kbits/s
    frame= 2202 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 119553kB time=00:01:30.38 bitrate=10836.0kbits/s
    frame= 2208 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 120135kB time=00:01:30.63 bitrate=10858.6kbits/s
    frame= 2214 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 120660kB time=00:01:30.88 bitrate=10876.1kbits/s
    frame= 2220 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 121193kB time=00:01:31.13 bitrate=10894.1kbits/s
    frame= 2226 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 121700kB time=00:01:31.38 bitrate=10909.8kbits/s
    frame= 2232 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 122292kB time=00:01:31.63 bitrate=10932.9kbits/s
    frame= 2239 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 122857kB time=00:01:31.92 bitrate=10948.5kbits/s
    frame= 2246 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 123460kB time=00:01:32.21 bitrate=10967.4kbits/s
    frame= 2251 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 123890kB time=00:01:32.42 bitrate=10980.8kbits/s
    frame= 2258 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 124530kB time=00:01:32.71 bitrate=11002.8kbits/s
    frame= 2264 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 124993kB time=00:01:32.96 bitrate=11013.9kbits/s
    frame= 2270 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 125367kB time=00:01:33.21 bitrate=11017.3kbits/s
    frame= 2283 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 125839kB time=00:01:33.76 bitrate=10994.8kbits/s
    frame= 2301 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 125934kB time=00:01:34.51 bitrate=10915.7kbits/s
    frame= 2315 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 126102kB time=00:01:35.09 bitrate=10863.2kbits/s
    frame= 2324 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 126521kB time=00:01:35.47 bitrate=10856.4kbits/s
    frame= 2330 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 126857kB time=00:01:35.72 bitrate=10856.7kbits/s
    frame= 2338 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 127431kB time=00:01:36.05 bitrate=10867.9kbits/s
    frame= 2343 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 127794kB time=00:01:36.26 bitrate=10875.3kbits/s
    frame= 2349 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 128286kB time=00:01:36.51 bitrate=10888.9kbits/s
    frame= 2357 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 128892kB time=00:01:36.84 bitrate=10902.6kbits/s
    frame= 2364 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 129432kB time=00:01:37.13 bitrate=10915.4kbits/s
    frame= 2372 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 130127kB time=00:01:37.47 bitrate=10936.5kbits/s
    frame= 2377 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 130532kB time=00:01:37.68 bitrate=10947.1kbits/s
    frame= 2384 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 131082kB time=00:01:37.97 bitrate=10960.5kbits/s
    frame= 2390 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 131544kB time=00:01:38.22 bitrate=10971.0kbits/s
    frame= 2396 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 132066kB time=00:01:38.47 bitrate=10986.6kbits/s
    frame= 2403 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 132622kB time=00:01:38.76 bitrate=11000.2kbits/s
    frame= 2409 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 133108kB time=00:01:39.01 bitrate=11012.6kbits/s
    frame= 2416 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 133668kB time=00:01:39.30 bitrate=11026.4kbits/s
    frame= 2422 fps= 17 q=27.0 size= 134209kB time=00:01:39.55 bitrate=11043.2kbits/s
    frame= 2428 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 134688kB time=00:01:39.80 bitrate=11054.8kbits/s
    frame= 2435 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 135225kB time=00:01:40.10 bitrate=11066.6kbits/s
    frame= 2441 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 135684kB time=00:01:40.35 bitrate=11076.4kbits/s
    frame= 2448 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 136291kB time=00:01:40.64 bitrate=11093.7kbits/s
    frame= 2455 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 136836kB time=00:01:40.93 bitrate=11105.9kbits/s
    frame= 2460 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 137214kB time=00:01:41.14 bitrate=11113.6kbits/s
    frame= 2467 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 137812kB time=00:01:41.43 bitrate=11129.9kbits/s
    frame= 2473 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 138295kB time=00:01:41.68 bitrate=11141.4kbits/s
    frame= 2480 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 138828kB time=00:01:41.97 bitrate=11152.3kbits/s
    frame= 2486 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 139287kB time=00:01:42.22 bitrate=11161.8kbits/s
    frame= 2494 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 139961kB time=00:01:42.56 bitrate=11179.3kbits/s
    frame= 2502 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 140536kB time=00:01:42.89 bitrate=11188.8kbits/s
    frame= 2509 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 141046kB time=00:01:43.18 bitrate=11197.7kbits/s
    frame= 2515 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 141469kB time=00:01:43.43 bitrate=11204.1kbits/s
    frame= 2522 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 142073kB time=00:01:43.72 bitrate=11220.3kbits/s
    frame= 2529 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 142570kB time=00:01:44.02 bitrate=11227.9kbits/s
    frame= 2536 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 143096kB time=00:01:44.31 bitrate=11237.8kbits/s
    frame= 2544 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 143759kB time=00:01:44.64 bitrate=11253.9kbits/s
    frame= 2550 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 144225kB time=00:01:44.89 bitrate=11263.4kbits/s
    frame= 2556 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 144683kB time=00:01:45.14 bitrate=11272.3kbits/s
    frame= 2561 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 145081kB time=00:01:45.35 bitrate=11280.9kbits/s
    frame= 2569 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 145754kB time=00:01:45.68 bitrate=11297.5kbits/s
    frame= 2576 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 146294kB time=00:01:45.98 bitrate=11308.0kbits/s
    frame= 2582 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 146737kB time=00:01:46.23 bitrate=11315.6kbits/s
    frame= 2589 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 147222kB time=00:01:46.52 bitrate=11321.9kbits/s
    frame= 2595 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 147784kB time=00:01:46.77 bitrate=11338.5kbits/s
    frame= 2603 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 148356kB time=00:01:47.10 bitrate=11346.9kbits/s
    frame= 2610 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 148816kB time=00:01:47.39 bitrate=11351.1kbits/s
    frame= 2619 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 149519kB time=00:01:47.77 bitrate=11365.0kbits/s
    frame= 2626 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 150018kB time=00:01:48.06 bitrate=11372.1kbits/s
    frame= 2634 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 150535kB time=00:01:48.39 bitrate=11376.2kbits/s
    frame= 2639 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 150828kB time=00:01:48.60 bitrate=11376.5kbits/s
    frame= 2646 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 151373kB time=00:01:48.90 bitrate=11387.0kbits/s
    frame= 2654 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 151856kB time=00:01:49.23 bitrate=11388.5kbits/s
    frame= 2664 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 152442kB time=00:01:49.65 bitrate=11388.9kbits/s
    frame= 2673 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 153095kB time=00:01:50.02 bitrate=11398.6kbits/s
    frame= 2681 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 153579kB time=00:01:50.36 bitrate=11400.1kbits/s
    frame= 2687 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 153942kB time=00:01:50.61 bitrate=11401.2kbits/s
    frame= 2694 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 154490kB time=00:01:50.90 bitrate=11411.6kbits/s
    frame= 2703 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 154997kB time=00:01:51.27 bitrate=11410.5kbits/s
    frame= 2707 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 155229kB time=00:01:51.44 bitrate=11410.5kbits/s
    frame= 2717 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 155903kB time=00:01:51.86 bitrate=11417.3kbits/s
    frame= 2724 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 156338kB time=00:01:52.15 bitrate=11419.3kbits/s
    frame= 2731 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 156741kB time=00:01:52.44 bitrate=11419.1kbits/s
    frame= 2739 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 157297kB time=00:01:52.77 bitrate=11425.6kbits/s
    frame= 2746 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 157730kB time=00:01:53.07 bitrate=11427.5kbits/s
    frame= 2754 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 158236kB time=00:01:53.40 bitrate=11430.4kbits/s
    frame= 2762 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 158837kB time=00:01:53.73 bitrate=11440.2kbits/s
    frame= 2769 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 159285kB time=00:01:54.03 bitrate=11443.1kbits/s
    frame= 2776 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 159764kB time=00:01:54.32 bitrate=11448.2kbits/s
    frame= 2784 fps= 16 q=27.0 size= 160294kB time=00:01:54.65 bitrate=11452.8kbits/s

    <MEZZMO>: Child process ended
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    I need all logs - please zip everything up and send in to support. Thanks.

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