Mezzmo is handling everything I've thrown at it superbly. I have a Panasonic Viera g20 - settings are Panasonic Viera (not 2011 model).

However, every single mp4 I've tried to play has shown in 4:3 ratio - either stretched to screen or 'full'. But in neither case is the ratio correct with a 16:9 ratio file. There are blck bars above and below, and it's either stretched too wide or squashed when in 4:3.

A 4:3 is always shrunk to the centre with black bars above and below - even when I re-encode the file to larger, such as 720 - but at least it maintains the proper ratio.

On the Panasonic, through the media centre function which plays streamed vids, your choice is limited to stretched or full.

Everything else plays just fine, proper ratio, and fills the screen.

Am I missing some setting somewhere to force mp4 files to display in the correct ratio, or are mp4 files somehow inherently different to the likes of mkvs, which are always fine?

Any help would be appreciated - I'm tired of having to hook up my laptop every time I want to watch an mp4 on my tv :0)