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    I am considering purchasing Mezzo but would like to get some info prior to proceeding. I am running Windows XP Pro SP 3 and am in the process of setting up a home network. I have Directv with Whole Home Service. The stb's are HR24-200 and Hr20-700. The Directv system is hooked to a cisco-linksys 4200. The pc's are hard wired to the router. I may change this to wireless, have not made a final decision yet. When i hook up the home net work i will be adding a Panasonic DMP BDT 210 to the network. Does any one see any problems with connecting Mezzo to Directv's stb's.
    In other words does Mezzo play nice with Directv's Media Share.
    I was considering Tiversity but they have a long running problem connecting their latest releases to Directv's stb's and it appears that a solution is not on the horizon. So on with Mezzo, maybe.
    My main concern is an automatic scan of my audio files to setup a library. My audio files are setup on a data base using CATraxx (same as Media Monkey). I have the playlists organized by catagory i.e. classical,jazz,country,big band,etc. Since the files are in a data base the only way i have been successful in copying/moving them is to use the playlists. Does Mezzo copy the files and then rearrange them in the library or does it actually move the files. Although i would not like to do it if Mezzo worked as advertised i Assume that i could setup folders on Mezzo by catagory and drag and drop the files. UGH !!! 5000+ files involved.
    Finally i am unable to locate a user manual. Is there one available? Perhaps some of my concerns would answered there.
    Any advice/help you can provide will be appreciated.

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    Mezzmo should work fine with DirecTV boxes - we have device profiles for both HR20/21 and HR24. If at all possible, I'd recommend staying wired, especially if you plan to stream high-def movies.

    Mezzmo does not move or alter your actual files in any way - any arrangements you do with the GUI are only done within Mezzmo's database.

    See this page for some additional information: . Mezzmo also has a help file that you can access by pressing the F1 key anywhere within the program.

    Mezzmo Android: Install it on your tablet, smartphone, Android TV or Amazon Fire to browse and stream files from your Mezzmo library to all your devices. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Kodi Add-on: Install it into Kodi to stream files from your Mezzmo library directly in Kodi. Full details at
    Mezzmo for Roku App: Install it onto your Roku to stream files from your Mezzmo library. Full details at
    Wiki: User Guides & Reference Manual at

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