I am considering purchasing Mezzo but would like to get some info prior to proceeding. I am running Windows XP Pro SP 3 and am in the process of setting up a home network. I have Directv with Whole Home Service. The stb's are HR24-200 and Hr20-700. The Directv system is hooked to a cisco-linksys 4200. The pc's are hard wired to the router. I may change this to wireless, have not made a final decision yet. When i hook up the home net work i will be adding a Panasonic DMP BDT 210 to the network. Does any one see any problems with connecting Mezzo to Directv's stb's.
In other words does Mezzo play nice with Directv's Media Share.
I was considering Tiversity but they have a long running problem connecting their latest releases to Directv's stb's and it appears that a solution is not on the horizon. So on with Mezzo, maybe.
My main concern is an automatic scan of my audio files to setup a library. My audio files are setup on a data base using CATraxx (same as Media Monkey). I have the playlists organized by catagory i.e. classical,jazz,country,big band,etc. Since the files are in a data base the only way i have been successful in copying/moving them is to use the playlists. Does Mezzo copy the files and then rearrange them in the library or does it actually move the files. Although i would not like to do it if Mezzo worked as advertised i Assume that i could setup folders on Mezzo by catagory and drag and drop the files. UGH !!! 5000+ files involved.
Finally i am unable to locate a user manual. Is there one available? Perhaps some of my concerns would answered there.
Any advice/help you can provide will be appreciated.