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    After reading many posts i am a little confused (not hard to do). I have my music setup on A CATraxx data base. Artwork,including multiple pictures, is embedded in the files. So it does not matter weather i am viewing it at the album level,track level or playlist level the artwork shows up. I have two other programs Tag Tuner and Media Monkey which use the same data base and the artwork appears at all levels when running the programs. Will this be true when played on a device i.e tv,blu ray,etc.
    I have the CATraxx Audio Player installed on both of my computers. The files and other programs are installed on only one. I can play music on one or both computers, but file maintainance can only be done from one. Is this a concern for Mezzmo or Just the home network.
    Probably will buy/install program, but will give it a road test with my Directv stuff and home network. I was seriously considering tiversity but after their support/help and forum decided to look elsewhere. I am not a big fan of community self help forums particularly where program problems or bugs are concerned. What sold me on Mezzmo was the forum and Mezzmo's response to requests/problems. I have no problem with a program not doing something and if it is a good request putting it on a "to do" list for s later version. I am sure you already have thousands. Your responce to possible problems was the best i have seen since i started using CATraxx years ago. One thing they have is that they send you an email advice that a response was received on a thread you posted on the forum and a link that takes you to that thread (first time only) All threads you have started are contained under "my threads" after you have logged in. Very convenient way to follow your own threads if there is a lot of activity on the forum.

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    Mezzmo will use its own database and will read information from files on disk (and also try to gather some data from online sources, such as artwork, if it's not present on disk or in the files). Showing artwork on the device basically depends on the device's firmware - some support more, some less and some none at all.

    If you haven't already, I'd recommend installing a free trial version of Mezzmo and adding your files into it. This will allow you to see how it works and what it does and we'll be happy to work out any issues that you may find.

    You can "subscribe" to forum threads here as well - see the "Thread Tools" drop down menu just above your post.

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