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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Streaming

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    I have been successfully using Mezzmo to stream music (MP3's) and videos (VOB's) to the TV's and laptops etc via a central server. Have just bought a Samsung galaxy tab assuming that as it has DNLA capabilities it would be able to received video streams. However have discovered that its not that simple.
    Have managed to get it to pick up and play MP3's and pictures using skifta, however I cant get it to stream video. I can browse to the files, select play but nothing happens. Have also tried installing rockplayer lite, but without success. Have amended the profile in Mezzmo to try the lowest bit rate and also turning encoding off but nothing seems to work. Can anyone suggest anything or confirm if they have managed to get this working?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I've been trying out a galaxy tab the past few days and I did this :

    1. Upgrade the firmware, which made the 'AllShare' app appear
    2. Use AllShare

    Its working fine so far, except for some .mts files.

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