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Thread: Buying / Personal Info / Privacy / PayPal Alternative?

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    Default Buying / Personal Info / Privacy / PayPal Alternative?

    I tried your software Mezzmo. I liked it. It solved issues many other just failed.
    I'll be honest, I rarely buy any software, we all know there are ways around paying for anything in the internet, but Mezzmo is definitively worth the $29.95.

    When I was finally ready to purchase a license, I went through your checkout process only to realize that there is no way to proceed without me having to give you my First Name, Last Name, Email Address & Full Address.
    Those are REQUIRED fields to continue through checkout, and I see no other way to proceed unless I provide you those details.

    As much as I like your software I value my privacy more.
    For a single License Product Code, I'm not giving out my physical address, to anyone.
    Specially since I won't be using a credit card, which would be the only reason I see you might need this info. BUT in a PayPal transaction I know for a fact that PayPal allows transactions though their checkout process where the seller gets their payment and the buyer's personal details remain only with PayPal. When I say your PayPal logo, I thought I was going to be able to use PayPal's checkout. It was disappointing to not be able to go through.

    Now, I know you can, and will probably say you have super tight, incredible, great privacy terms and policy, and my info will not be sold, and blah, blah, blah; or that it is all handled by eSellerRate (your processor) and they have their own awesome super tight, incredible privacy policy. I still don't find it necessary.

    Yes, I could just lie and put fake details, but that will not fix the problem with your check out process.
    I really want to support your product, and I hope you fix your checkout process in the future and provide an alternative to those users concern about their privacy.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We use a third-party e-commerce company called eSellerate and they require that this information is supplied. We cannot alter their requirements.

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