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Thread: wish list beyond 2.5

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    Default wish list beyond 2.5

    Thanks for the 2.5 version - has fixed alot of my issues with the library.

    a few things for next time would be great

    1) when choosing columns in the library view, would be nice to be able to add a column that at a minimum, indicates if the file has been transcoded or not (but would prefer to see the actual transcoded file name).
    2) would be nice to from that same view, be able to click one button to pre-transcode the selected file(s) using the default device/settings instead of having to go thru 11+ mouse clicks (yes it really is that many)
    3) I had one file fail the pre-transcoding - would be nice to have a way to quickly have it retried
    4) can I set how many files I want to pre-transcode at one time? Seems like it only does one at a time but for those of us that have high powered computers, would be nice to be able to increase that. I know it can do multiples in the past version (i.e. I would start several movies from tv to force it to transcode multiple files at once). is this option there and I just can't find it?


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    One more item - I don't quite understand the schedule. To me when I think of a schedule, I think of a start time and a stop time (i.e. I want pre-transcoding only to run from 6:00am to 5:00pm) but mezzmo only lists one time. From my perspective, I would like to have it run only at times during the day when I won't be streaming - so that I can queue up tons of files, and then let it transcode over days/weeks but only during the hours I specify.

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    Hi Brian,

    Many thanks for the suggestions. Some feedback:

    1) We'll look into having a transcoded column for the Details view.

    2) We'll look into a simpler, one-click pre-transcoding with defaults.

    3) We did not consider retrying a failed transcode since it should fail every time if it fails once.

    4) We only allow one file to be transcoded at any one time. For video and audio files, ffmpeg.exe is transcoding your files and it will take advantage of the number of CPU cores you have on your computer. For example, on our i7 CPU-based computers here, we often see 80%+ CPU usage when pre-transcoding a single video file.

    5) We'll look into having a stop time for the pre-transcoding schedule.

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    Thanks Paul.
    I have an 8 core I7 as well - but when transcoding, seems like cpu is only in the 25-30% range. (could be bound my hard drive speed I suppose) - This isn't a big deal though - certainly lower on the list than my other suggestions.

    Thanks again - keep up the good work - mezzmo is a great product.

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