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Thread: Re-built server; Need to re-install Mezzmo and "restore" data

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    Default Re-built server; Need to re-install Mezzmo and "restore" data

    My Home Server (running Windows Home Server v1) crashed and burned over the holidays. Given that the h/w was over 5 years old, I decided to build a new system from scratch - Core i5, 8G RAM etc. The system is now up and running with Windows Home Server 2011.

    I have two main questions:
    1. Can I re-install Mezzmo on this new system using the same license key I received over a year ago when I first purchased the product?

    2. I keep a back-up of all my server data (music, pictures, videos etc.) and I plan to simply copy them over into the new Shared Folders on WHS 2011. The question I have is how do I ensure that Mezzmo will "restore" all the thumbnails, artwork, playlists etc. that I used to have on my old system? (I have a back-up of the Mezzmo.db file - would it be sufficient to simply overwrite this file on the new installation to bring my system back to how it was?)
    Sub question: The .db file was saved using version 2.4.5 (or 2.4.4). Will it work with the just-released version 2.5.0?

    Many thanks for any help, I can get.

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    Yes, you can use your license key to install Mezzmo on this new system, since your old system is now gone.

    You can copy the databases over to the new server from the backup as well. If you had no user/system tasks running when you backed up the database, then only the Mezzmo.db file is needed. The new Mezzmo version will update the database when you run it, so things should just work and you should get your library back.

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