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Thread: Mezzmo with Toshiba BDX5200KU Blu-ray Player Problems

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    Default Mezzmo with Toshiba BDX5200KU Blu-ray Player Problems

    I'm using the trial of Mezzmo to figure out if I want to buy this software. However, I'm running into major usability issues.

    I'm focused mainly on using it for music right now. I have quite a large library of music of all different file types. Initially I tried to load all 14,000 files into Mezzmo and that was unusable. The interface on the Toshiba Blu-ray player slowed to molasses and was unusable.

    I thought, ok too many files so I'll just add a few albums. That worked, still kinda slow, but usable. So then I add in an artist with 25 albums, and the whole thing comes to a screeching halt again. Navigating through the menus on the Toshiba is extremely slow.... sometimes 30 seconds or more when switching... other times it locks up.

    I've tried quite a few different things, but am having no success. I'm close to throwing in the towel here, but figured it was worth posting to see if the experts had any ideas.

    I don't consider myself a novice when it comes to tech... I'm a programmer/analyst and I build my own machines.... but something in this DLNA setup seems extremely flawed.

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    Can you please confirm that you are using the latest released Mezzmo v2.5? If not, please try that.

    If you are, then can please enable logging (see this thread: then try browsing one of the slow playlists on the device and once it comes up, stop the server and send in the logs. We'll see where it's slow (is it Mezzmo or the device or something else) and we can then proceed based on that.

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    Just an FYI...

    I've found that the BDX5200KU has major problems with it's DLNA implementation with slowness making it virtually unusable.

    I've since picked up a Sony SMP-N100 and am seeing none of the slowness issues.

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