How to transfer Smart Play Lists into Mezzmo - after loading songs into Mezzmo iTunes Folder:

1. Convert XML files to M3u files using a free conversion program Called iTunes Export:
Conversion Program Info Download the GUI Application Version from website below
iTunes Export Version: 2.2.2 (06/01/2010)
Written by: Eric Daugherty

Note - Converted Smart Playlists will be listed in a separate file folder, which you select.

2. Input converted files to Mezzmo:

- In Mezzmo: Select > Create Playlist > Linked Play List > Browse > Play list file name > You have to select one smart play list at a time.
- The smart play list will be loaded into Mezzmo and song files will automatically appear within the play lists.

The fact that the conversion program was able to convert the play lists to M3u files and link the iTunes music files, is a good work around, as smart playlists do not transfer automatically.