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    Default A few wish items

    First, I want to say I love the software thank you for your work!

    A couple things that I was hoping I could do, but can't:

    1) Make it so that moving a folder does not destroy the meta data and cover art for the file. This is a huge PITA in my begining stages of making everything digital.... plus one day this drive will be full, I will move all the files and break all the work it took to get the cover art right. Or the drive may <cringe> fail, I reload my back-up of the folders and I wonder if all that info will be there? Can it just store the meta data in the file and the cover art in the directory? I

    2) Have it get the cover art from the internet and not the movie (as an option...) updating each file individually is a big procedure, combined with #1 it could be a deal maker/breaker. Have it ignore special charecters would make the internet search work more effectivlly... particularly the _.

    3) Also, I previously saw mentioned that tiles starting with The should be organized by the next word in the title... could be an option. Would be nice to be able to chose where to put numbers too, beginning, end or by first letter...

    Thanks again for your hard work!


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    Thank you for the suggestions!

    The meta data and the thumbnail are stored in the database, so changing just the drive letter, but keeping the folder structure as-is, should work (provided the drive letter is changed manually in the database file via SQL). If the folder structure changes then yes, Mezzmo will consider this a new file.

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