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Thread: LG LW5700 with wrong profile

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    Default LG LW5700 with wrong profile

    It's recognized as XBMC. The list have only LG TV and LG TV LE (NTSC).
    I don't know if these profiles are the right ones for my TV, if it is, I think it should be renamed for "LG Smart TV" or something like that.

    BTW, if a mkv file have multiple audio and multiple subtitles embedded, if the file is not being sent transcoded, Mezzmo will send the "pure" mkv file with the extra audios and subtitles or it's based on device's profile?
    My TV have options to select the audio and subtitles, but they're greyed out (cannot be changed) when I'm playing a mkv file from Mezzmo. I'm not really sure if these options doesn't work in DLNA or if they aren't working because of Mezzmo.

    LG TV's come with Media Link, a Plex app. It's fine, but when my trial ends I'll buy Mezzmo, looking forward to 3.0 version that will bring us a lot of new possibilities. I'll write (in portuguese) a review about Mezzmo soon, that's why I'm asking about how it works.

    Thank you!

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    Please try the "LG TV" device profile and see if that works properly for your TV. Some TVs cannot be auto-detected, thus a wrong profile may be selected, but we're working on enhancing that.

    Yes, Mezzmo decides how to send the file (e.g. transcode or not) based on the device profile. The LG TV device profile should send most MKVs through natively, so you should be able to choose audio/subtitle tracks, if your TV supports that functionality in DLNA. Can you choose audio/subtitle tracks using the other server?

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    Plex it's not really a DLNA server, I can only access the contents by using a Plex's client app. The only option I have in the app is to display the subtitles or not.
    The TV's manual is a bit confuse, but now I get how the TV works. LG Smart TVs can't change the subtitle or the audio if the video is played by using DLNA, only if it's being executed in the USB.
    Too bad, I'll end up buying a media player ;/

    Thank you for the clarification, Dennis.

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