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Thread: Mezzmo and Malwarebytes Blocking Outgoing Processes Marked as untrusted

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    Default Mezzmo and Malwarebytes Blocking Outgoing Processes Marked as untrusted


    Wonder if you can help on this,

    Recently purchased Mezzmo, seems to be the best out there, so I'm glad I made the switch from Tvserity. (Mainly swapped for Fast forwarding / chapter movement on Mkv's when browsing on console, tvserity did not do).

    Anyway, I digress.........

    When Mezzmo Updates its library, I am getting warnings from Malwarebytes for various IP's.
    "Successfully Blocked access to a potentially malicious website." Type outgoing, port 52975, process: Mezzmo.exe"

    There are also other Ip's such as,,,

    Any ideas /advice appreciated, as malwarebyte's is normally spot on for me and its a slight concern that multiple IP's are being blocked when using the software.

    Many thanks

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    Most likely this is when we're grabbing album artwork from sites - should be safe to allow through.

    To confirm this, can you please right-click on one of your music files, go to Properties and change the thumbnail. Let it search for it online and see if Malwarebytes comes up blocking. If it does, please let me know the ablum and artist for that file, so that I could reproduce it here and check where we're getting the thumbnail from.

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