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    I just purchased Mezzmo after comparing it with several other media servers and think you guys are doing a great job. There are a couple of feature requests that I think would make your product much more solid and an even greater step above the others. Here are my suggestions:

    1. Ability to specify artwork by filename. (not always use folder.jpg - maybe use wd_tv.jpg etc)
    2. Video metadata that can be assigned in the same way that audio tags create playlist structure with proper art displayed. It would be nice to browse playlists in the following ways (the field titles may not be exact as I am not in front of my server at the moment but this should give the idea):
    - Movie Year
    - Movie Title
    - Synopsis (summary)

    - TV Series
    - Season
    - Episode#
    This data could be populated from Series.xml and MyMovies.xml


    <Persons> </Persons>
    <Genres> </Genres>

    3. A refresh of the library that works similar to TVersity where a playlist or folder can be quickly refreshed without running full maintenance of the library
    4. The ability to map Series.xml and MyMovies.xml fields similar to the way mapping audio files works with mp3 tags. I am aware that this can currently be done using the drop down audio fields but not all video metadata is mappable this way. A separate drop list for video files would be preferrable.
    5. For video files allow rating to be user generated OR auto generated based on IMDB metadata rating.
    6. The ability to hide all media folders that are added and only stream the playlists.
    7. Instead of a Videos tree make a Movie tree and TV Shows tree to recognize proper folder structure for movies vs tv series and display the playlists accordingly. Folders would look like:

    Movies -> MovieName (YYYY) -> movie (YYYY).avi
    TV Series -> SeriesName -> Episode# -> Series S##E##.avi

    Thanks so much for continuing to build a great product.
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