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    My downloads have been failing recently, sometimes at the start of the download in the middle and the end of the download. Why is this happening is it the server lighttpd/1.4.18 failing or are there too many connections to the server? Could it be my internet connection being too slow? I'm downloading files from a website?

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    First thing to look at is the job conversation. If it is a single file download take a look at the job conversation for each split and see where the error has occurred and if it provides more information.

    To see if it is caused by too many connections to the server, try reducing it to one connection as see if the job is successful.

    Are the failed jobs reproducible, or does the same url fail sometimes and succeed other times?

    Also, if possible please submit a support request, via the conceiva web site, containing the url that is failing and we will test it out.
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