I recently purchased as Sony Bravia (first networkable tv I've had!), and of course the first thing I ran into was that my MKV files were completely incompatible with the TV. Doing more research I found out that more TVs are defective like this, and the solution was to find a DLNA media server. Hence I've been looking for a good media server program to run. So, naturally, I found Mezzmo .

My first impression was good - everything works pretty smoothly, TV got set up no probs, and movies played easily.

However, I smacked up against two fairly large issues, and I'm hoping that someone can maybe help explain to me how to get around them.

1) Subtitles. For whatever reason it looks like the 46EX520 model doesn't want to display any subtitles. I extracted the subtitle track from the MKV and renamed to exactly the same as the movie file, did the 'Maintain DB' thing etc, no dice. No subtitles. Is there a plugin or a profile that I'm possibly missing that I could try? I hear it's coming in the next version - any chance there's a beta I could try?

2) Seeking / Chaptering - is there any way to make some kind of chaptering available? I was testing this with Avatar, and the first subtitle showing up is like 20 minutes into the movie, so it was a pain in the butt to fast forward to the same location over and over.

The two issues above sent me back into the web looking for solutions, so I ran across the Wild Media Server program. Fortunately it handles these two issues. Unfortunately the program has a terrible interface, a bad rap in reviews, and a crummy licensing system. I mean, c'mon why would you make all the lists you send to the TV show up in random order??? The only plus I could find is that it's available for free if you know russian

The one thing I did think was very cool about WMS was that it allowed you to control the TV from your pc, which helped since you could sort the lists on your PC. :P

Anyways, what I'm trying to get at is, are there solutions to my two issues? Because if I can solve them I'm going to be a happy Mezzmo customer shortly...