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    I've been using Tversity for a few years now and recently changed to Mezzmo as it does absolutely everything better than Tversity. However, there was one feature of Tversity which Mezzmo lacks and that's the ability to access the settings/library/folders through a browser (as long as you were on the same network).

    Now the main reason why I used this facility was when playing a film from the downstairs PC to my Samsung TV upstairs, to see if the film was streaming or transcoding. Now I'm sure you're probably going to suggest I just Remote Desktop to the downstairs PC and view the Transcoding Pane on Mezzmo but this is where I hit a snag. The downstairs PC is almost always (around 90% of the time) being used to watch BBC iPlayer or other media so when I Remote Desktop, it logs my parents out mid-way through Desperate Housewives. Nothing is worth that aggro.

    I've even set the log file to share to the network but this means looking through a ton of info..
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    Thanks for the suggestion. It's a nice idea & we'll look into it for a future version.

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