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Thread: Unicode support?

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    Question Unicode support?


    I started using Download Studio several days ago, and I like it very much! Everything works perfectly except the only one thing (which prevents me from buying the software )... It seems that the program doesn't properly handle URL/Filenames containing unicode characters (in UTF-8).

    Here is a detailed example. Any major browser (Opera, FF, Chrome etc) are able to handle the following URLs (the first one is in Russian, second - Japanese):

    Here is the screenshot from Opera:

    The URLs are encoded in UTF-8 (the only proper encoding for the web pages and URLs).

    But when I paste the URLs into the DownloadStudio - it breaks the strings:

    And even "percent-escaped" UTF-8 URLs are transformed into abracadabra (it seems that DownloadStudio uses the current system locale, but for such escapes it should use only UTF-8, according to the RFC).

    I don't know, maybe the fix is already in the TODO list (haven't found a similar topic on the forum), but it would be great if DownloadStudio can support unicode. I'm sure many people from all over the world will thank you for that!

    Best regards,

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    In the current version (5.1) of downloadstudio can only display characters for the languages you have installed on your machine.

    We are releasing a new version of downloadstudio (5.2) soon which has been developed as a unicode application.

    We anticipate a release of 5.2 in a couple of months time.
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    Ok, got it, thanks! Looking forward to the update then.

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