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    First let me state that I only have a very high level view of RVU and DLNA working together. What I was wondering is if there was any way to add RVU capabilities to Mezzmo? I know it's a really long shot but having mezzmo being able to stream shows from a DirecTV DVR to other devices would be great and with the RVU part, it could actually stream live TV from a DTV DVR. Samsung and DirecTV have entered into an alliance to make certain model TVs RVU capable meaning they can use one of the tuners on DTVs HR34-700 media center without actually having it directly connected to the TV.
    Just a thought.
    Some info on RVU.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. RVU is certainly interesting for us and we think may really improve the overall user experience for owners of devices in their home. We are watching what new devices Samsung and Directv release in the future with regards RVU. At the moment, we don't have any short term plans for adding RVU features into Mezzmo however.

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