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Thread: Pale moon 12.1 web browser

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    Default Pale moon 12.1 web browser

    I am trying out the Pale Moon 12.1 browser and it has disabled Downloadstudio integration with message "downloadstudio 7.0 is incompatible with Pale Moon 12.1". I am using the lastest version of Downloadstudio.

    Any ideas - I quite like the look of Pale Moon?



    Apologies to the user whose request, above, was incorrectly deleted as SPAM.

    Pale Moon 12.1 should work fine with DownloadStudio 7.0.5, after installing the attached patch.

    1 Download ""
    2 Unzip "DownloadStudio.xpi"
    3 Copy "DownloadStudio.xpi" into your DownloadStudio folder
    4 Drag and Drop "DownloadStudio.xpi" onto your Pale Moon, or Firefox browser
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    Conceiva. Download it with DownloadStudio. Stream it with Mezzmo.

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