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    Default DS freezes

    I just downloaded DS yesterday to give it a try. I've made two attempt to download a couple of files and both attempts ended in DS freezing after a while. I could (seemingly) terminate the UI but the DownloadStudio process remains in the task list and couldn't be killed by any means (except rebooting).

    I'm using Vista Home Premium SP2. I've had no problems with the other Download Managers I'm using.

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    I am not aware of any current issues that cause DS to hang. Can you answer a few questions to help us pinpoint the issue:

    You say you can still see DownloadStudio.exe in Task Manager, can you tell me what the mem usage and CPU the process is using?
    Are you able to download a small file without the hang?
    Is the destination drive you are downloading to formatted as NTFS, or FAT32?
    At what point of the download does the hang occur? Is it near the end of the download?

    Hopefully these questions will help us track down this issue.
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