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Thread: Upgraded to 2.6.3 and it seems to not stay running

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    Default Upgraded to 2.6.3 and it seems to not stay running

    Has there bee a inactive timer added to close the Mezzmo program as it seems to close very often for no reason.

    I do not normally have the program open i just leave the server running. But after i installed the upgrade i have opened the program and did some maintenance. It seem as long as i am doing something it stays running, but when i am not using it and i move the mouse across the screen over mezzmo it close the program. It never did this in 2.5.0.

    What logs should i look in to see what might be happening.
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    Well, I don't no why but it seems to stay running of now, after i turned on debugging, i have now turned debugging back off and i have not seen it close by its self yet. So we will see.

    Now i just need to find out where all my Root playlist went to. I had edited the default Samsung profile to allow Root playlists (More then the default 3 main folder/file types), After the upgrade the profiles are back to the defaults. So i edited the profile again and saved it, then restarted the Mezzmo server, but i still don't see the extra root playlist (on the TV) only the ones that are in the main three folders (Video, Music, Photos).

    I have did maintenance on the playlists and am now trying maintenace on the whole library to see if they will show up again. Then i will try a PC reboot if needed. If all that don't get them back i guess i will have to delete them then create then again.

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    Well i learned how not to edit a profile as i made a mistake that caused my edits not to be used.

    I though if i made a copy of the profile file before i edited it i would be safe in case i need to put it back to defaults. Well i copied and pasted it into the profiles folder and Mezzmo was using the copy and not the file i edited i guess because the copied file started with a "C" and was loaded first, so the SamsungD files that i edited was never used. It works good after i delete/moved the backup profile files out of the profiles directory.

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    I think I ran into your same problem.It seems if I stop the stream mid way instead of stopping it gracefully, Mezzmo application stops running. Now enabled logs to see if I can capture it.

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    Well this only happen for the first 4 hours after the upgrade, i am not sure why the Mezzmo program would just close for no reason it seemed. It may of had something to do with my license, as i ended up uninstalling then reinstalling and i think it went into expired trail mode for some time.

    But now after i got things sorted, it has ran great, and has not had that problem since i first installed it. I have been doing a lot of testing also and it seems to work fine for me.

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    When you say Mezzmo application closes by itself, does it crash or just close? If it crashes, then a crash message box should be displayed and you can click 'Go To Folder' to see the crash dump file that was produced. Please email any crash dump files to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com. It really helps us fix the problem quickly.

    If Mezzmo did not crash but just closes by itself, then that is very strange. Do you see 'Mezzmo.exe' in Windows Task Manager? We certainly want to see a set of logs if you can reproduce the problem.

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