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    After upgrading to 2.6.3 I decided to add another large folder structure to Mezzmo. This one is on a network server, mapped to a Windows drive letter. Mezzmo gives no indication it has any trouble at all accessing the folder. The two machines are connected via Gbit Ethernet through a router that sees relatively light use. I know for a fact the server is able to serve up files at a rate that will saturate the Gbit Ethernet.

    Mezzmo is adding the new folder structure, but at a pace that will take it at least another two weeks to complete. It's adding files to the list at a rate of about two a second, but this appears to be just adding them to the work list. It does not seem to be generating thumbnails yet. My guess would be that it's throttling itself to not consume too many system resources. Either that or adding files to a work list is a far more consuming process than I would ever imagine. Is there any way to open up the throttle? The server is easily able to handle whatever Mezzmo throws at it and the Mezzmo host machine is doing little else. I would really like to see this folder structure added before I die.

    I should add that Mezzmo seems to be using an awful lot of CPU time for simply scanning a folder structure and adding files to a list. It could be the "throttle" is actually my tired old dual-core CPU, though I really can't fathom why this should be taking so much CPU.

    Addendum: I stopped Mezzmo and moved all the database files to a drive that isn't being used for anything else. After restarting Mezzmo I told it to run maintenance on that playlist. Things are progressing slightly faster, though the CPU is still maxed out. There is some network traffic (everything on this playlist resides on a network file server) but it's at a fairly low level -- well under 1% of what the server is capable of. Something about dealing with the database is sucking up massive amounts of CPU.

    On a related but slightly different note, one of my pet peeves has always been programs that go off to do things for an extended period of time without providing the user any feedback on what's happening. Mezzmo has said nothing but, "Maintenance: initializing..." for 20 minutes now. From observation of the file server I know Mezzmo is scanning things, but Mezzmo certainly isn't telling me that. The only indication there's anything actually happening is the count of photo thumbnails to be generated is slowly rising. It would sure be nice if Mezzmo was a bit more forthcoming about what it's actually doing during these long operations.
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