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    I stopped an audio download (by right-clicking on the job) and the file, although playable by WMP, has a ".dstudio" file extension that is a problem. Is there a way to fix this? Also, when a download is complete, how should I stop the DL without causing this problem? Thanks.

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    This is by design, when a single file download is in progress we place an extension .dstudio on the file as the download is not complete and in most cases the file will not be able to be executed or opened. When the download is fully complete we rename the file with its correct name so it can then be opened.

    You are right that some media files will be able to be played despite the file download not being complete and if you stop a job, you can rename the file and play it.

    Old versions of downloadstudio downloaded directly into the final file name, however we some customers would try and execute files before the download was finished and of course they would be corrupt as the download was not complete.
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