Hello mezzmo team,

good program, but I have the same problem as Matt posted a year ago:

Random Disconnections During Playback


I'm currently using Mezzmo 2.2 with my Samsung 40C58000. It is installed under Windows 7 64bit. The TV is connected to my router with a network cable. Windows firewall is configured to allow all traffic to the IP address used by my TV.

Mezzmo works great except for the random disconnections. When watching a film it will randomly stop at least once but usually 2 to 3 times during the film for no apparent reason.

I enabled the log but the media server log is 100MB in size so I will need to try and capture an individual occurrence before sending it in.

I'm running the trial version and if I can solve this problem I'll most likely buy it.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



I have the exact same problem with the newest mezzmo version and my Samsung Tv (8000) in profile D. transcoding is on so far. I have no log files, but will turn them on from now.

Did you guys already found a solution to this problem or is this still not solved? I have a test version, and would probably buy it if this problem could be solved.

I also have another question: is it possible to fast forward / jump to a specific position in a movie from mezzmo on my computer to my samsung? with the normal samsung allshare or windows media player it is possible (though the programs are no good otherwise), but I could not figure out how to do it with mezzmo. I do not like the very slow fast forward function on the samsung tv during streams. this takes forever if the movie disconnects e.g. after one hour. A fast forward like in WMP to the position it stopped from the pc would be awesome.....

I really like Mezzmo except the disconnecting and fast forwarding. Can you help me? Probably will buy it if this disconnecting can be solved.

Thanks! Max