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Thread: Samsung random disconnects and winding

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    Default Samsung random disconnects and winding

    Hello mezzmo team,

    good program, but I have the same problem as Matt posted a year ago:

    Random Disconnections During Playback


    I'm currently using Mezzmo 2.2 with my Samsung 40C58000. It is installed under Windows 7 64bit. The TV is connected to my router with a network cable. Windows firewall is configured to allow all traffic to the IP address used by my TV.

    Mezzmo works great except for the random disconnections. When watching a film it will randomly stop at least once but usually 2 to 3 times during the film for no apparent reason.

    I enabled the log but the media server log is 100MB in size so I will need to try and capture an individual occurrence before sending it in.

    I'm running the trial version and if I can solve this problem I'll most likely buy it.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.



    I have the exact same problem with the newest mezzmo version and my Samsung Tv (8000) in profile D. transcoding is on so far. I have no log files, but will turn them on from now.

    Did you guys already found a solution to this problem or is this still not solved? I have a test version, and would probably buy it if this problem could be solved.

    I also have another question: is it possible to fast forward / jump to a specific position in a movie from mezzmo on my computer to my samsung? with the normal samsung allshare or windows media player it is possible (though the programs are no good otherwise), but I could not figure out how to do it with mezzmo. I do not like the very slow fast forward function on the samsung tv during streams. this takes forever if the movie disconnects e.g. after one hour. A fast forward like in WMP to the position it stopped from the pc would be awesome.....

    I really like Mezzmo except the disconnecting and fast forwarding. Can you help me? Probably will buy it if this disconnecting can be solved.

    Thanks! Max

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    Already answered this on your other post (no need to double-post - we read all threads/posts )

    We have not had many disconnection issues reported to us lately, and those that do get reported to us usually are as a result of something on the home network affecting the DLNA communication between Mezzmo and their DLNA device. For example, your router can be a cause and we often advise people to turn off UPnP and filtering features in their router. Also, firewall and system protection software on your PC (or router) can sometimes affect DLNA communication so that is also something you can try disabling as a test to try to isolate what may be causing the random disconnections. If no success, we will need a set of logs from you. Turn on logging (see and restart your Mezzmo server. Connect to Mezzmo and when a random disconnect occurs, stop your Mezzmo server and exit Mezzmo. Zip up all the logs and send them to us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com.

    With regards FF/REW on your Samsung TV: Samsung TV's firmware does not let you use the FF/REW buttons on your remote control when streaming via DLNA. This is a restriction of Samsung (all media servers have the same problem, not just Mezzmo). Hopefully one day Samsung upgrade their firmware to support this. For now, you can use the Skip buttons on your remote to skip increments, or you can use the Chapter button on your remote to choose auto-generated (by Mezzmo) chapter points in the video.

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