Normall when you create a divx file with embedded subtitles you name them such as and and depending on how many subtitles you want in the movie. I use AVIAddSubs which takes many subtitles you want to add to any avi movie file and then makes a embedded subtitle divx file. These always play on any DVD player by just pushing subtitle button on the remove and going through all of them and then take your choice.

That being said, my LG big screen plays divx movie files wonderfully but only lets me select one sub. You cannot keep pushing the subtitle button and get more choices to pick. Since my wife speaks fluent Spanish she prefers to watch movies in Spanish and I in English. So I always add both those subs to all my divx movies. But my LG only selects one because I think it will not accept anything different than the actual named movie subtitle as movie.sub The next sub would be embedded as movie-2.sub so it isn't exactly the same name of the movie.

Does anybody know how to name the subtitles in an AVI file so the LG will accept selecting what sub you want. Preferably in a divx file.