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Thread: Linked Playlists and PS3

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    Question Linked Playlists and PS3

    Hi, i'm having some problems getting mezzmo to show up tracks in my linked playlists on my PS3.

    I created a linked playlist in mezzmo to link a m3u as well as a pls file with relevant paths.
    Within mezzmo i can access all the files in the playlist and they play just fine.
    however, the playlist on the PS3 will say that there are no tracks to be found.

    I have tried many things, changing from relevant to absolute paths, \ to / in the paths, and other thins that may seem logical.

    i still have not been able to get it to work.

    Do others have this problem too or does someone know how to get around this or if it's a bug?

    thank you in advance


    I have found a simple workaround. though not ideal, i does the job.
    create a linked playlist of the playlist file you want like you would normally do.
    now, create a normal playlist in mezzmo and create it where you want your
    final playlist to be and name it after your linked playlist.

    Now just go to your linked playlist, select all the files in it and just drag them to the normal playlist.
    Though not ideal like i said, it's the easiest way to have your playlist show up. As you don't have
    to create a playlist and add all songs manually. For now, just add new songs individually until the bug is fixed.

    i used playlist creator 3.6 and paths are set to relevant.
    c:\music is my root music folder.
    using playlist creator, save your playlist file in your music folder.

    fe. i have a file in c:\music\all music\3 doors down\3 doors down\kryptonite.mp3

    with relative paths, it will show up like "all mucis\3 doors down\3 doors down\kryptonite.mp3" in the playlist
    and it seems to work perfectly within mezzmo.

    i hope this is helpful for some.
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