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Thread: Switched Computers, Strange Behavior

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    Default Switched Computers, Strange Behavior


    Due to impending hardware failure, I retired my WinXP computer that hosted Mezzmo flawlessly for about a year. The new computer is faster and built with Win7 Pro. Here are the steps I took:

    1. Built/patched new computer
    2. Installed latest build of Mezzmo.
    3. under AppData/Local/Conceiva/Mezzmo, I replaced the following databases from the original system: Mezzmo.db, MezzmoActivePlaylists.db, MezzmoAlbumArt.db and MezzmoImages.db.

    I have a Samsung series C TV. Also, old computer is turned computer is only DLNA server running. Firewall is presently off.

    Two problems:

    1. I get prompted to resume movies started on the old computer but not for movies started on the new computer.
    2. Commands issued to the old computer executed immediately while watching a movie. There is a 5 second lag to process commands issued to the new computer (like stop, return, etc.)

    Can someone shed some light on why this is happening?


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    Hi There

    You do not say what build of Mezzmo you are using? Version was released this morning which addresses some of these issues. Maybe you just missed the release? I am sure Paul and co will tell you more on Monday, just thought I would chip in till then.


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    I did take an update ( last night, but haven't tested yet. Will update later.

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    The update did fix the resume problem, but created another. Now, when I fast forward, Mezzmo perpetually jumps about 30 seconds, pauses for 13 seconds (TV says "preparing to play"), then jumps 30 seconds, then pauses 13 seconds, etc. The video plays fine and Mezzmo is very responsive (no command lag). That said, I stopped a movie in the middle last night....will take at least a half hour to foward to the stop point with this build.

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    I rolled the Win7 computer back to Everything is working properly.

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    Thanks for reporting the issue. We're looking into the FF/REW issue in Mezzmo v2.6.5 at the moment & will provide a fix ASAP.

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