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Thread: download lots of mp3s from a web page

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    Default download lots of mp3s from a web page

    i go to a lot of web pages that contain many links to music files. most are mp3 but sometimes there are wmas or flac files. i am using downloadstudio to download each music file but i have to click and start a new job each time. this is ok but takes more time. i would like to download all of these music files in one go. is it possible? if not can you add it in to the next version? it would save me heaps of clicks. thanks.

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    Thumbs up Adding URL links from the clipboard

    It is already possible in DownloadStudio . On the Download menu there is an 'Add list of jobs...' menu item. This dialog allows you to add a list of URLs to create multiple jobs at once. It also allows you to populate the list based on the contents of the windows clipboard.

    On the website that contains the links you want to download, use the mouse to block all the links to the files you want to download. Press CTRL + C to copy the links into the clipboard. Then go to DownloadStudio and paste the links into Add list of jobs dialog.
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    I do it a different way.

    I grab the address of the page and paste it into the site explorer tool in downloadstudio. This shows me all the items on that web page, so I just click on the files I want and press the download button. Easy.

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