first off i'm very happy with mezzmo
it seems to be the first DLNA server that can cope with any file format quickly and easily and i'm aware that you're probably hard at work implementing new features, but i wanted to ask if either of these are even a remote possibility

first off: as much as i like mezzmo, running it from my notebook with real time transcoding won't work very well with any content above SD resolution due to the rather weak CPU
is there a chance mezzmo could receive GPU acceleration (also for mobile GPUs) in the future?

and the next thing i was wondering about is real time motion interpolation similar to this here http://www.svp-team.com/
it should be self explanatory so i won't go into detail
many televisions have built in motion interpolation i know, but most do not support it when the source is external
so is there a far off chance that something akin to this may be implemented in the far future?

thanks for your time