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Thread: Opera integration not working

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    Default Opera integration not working

    I've recently installed Opera, version 10.01. When I go into the settings for download studio and click the "Install changes into Opera" button, I get the message "Unable to change menu settings - please check the version of Opera that you are using, and that you have the required permissions."

    I tried running DownloadStudio as Administrator (on Vista x64) and got the same response. The integration to catch downloads works, but I don't have any DownloadStudio menu, there is nothing added to the context menus, etc.

    I'd appreciate any tips if there is a way to get this to work.

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    Opera changed it's directory structure slightly in version 10 and because of this DownloadStudio cannot install the menu correctly, we have fixed this issue and a new version of DownloadStudio will be released in the next couple of weeks. DownloadStudio 5.2 has been fully tested with Opera version 10, so when we release this new version you will be able to integrate the DownloadStudio menu correctly into your Opera browser.

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    Fantastic, thanks a lot for paying attention to Opera and for the information. I'll patiently await 5.2!

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