I have most of my video files named after a combination of the video title and release year, e.g. "Frankenstein [1931]". This is personal taste, of course, but I consider the year to be absolutely crucial information. And when I bring up the list of videos on my Samsung TV, it displays an entry for "Frankenstein [1931]". Fine.

But the supported tags in Mezzmo (and almost every other media browser/organizer) contain "Year" as a distinct field, which is great for sorting, filtering, etc.. So I'm tempted to change my metadata to "Title: Frankenstein" and "Year: 1931", which is more correct database-wise. But then, the video would appear on my TV as just "Frankenstein", with no year.

Can we perhaps have a "DLNA Title Format" preference, which could accept a format string? It might support meta-characters "%T" for Title, and "%Y" for Year, and would format the string whenever delivering it via DLNA; the default, of course, would be just "%T". Then I could set my personal DLNA Title Format to "%T [%Y]" so that I could clean up my metadata, and still see the years on my TV's DLNA video list. Thanks.