Hi, im new to Mezzmo, but so far i really like it! Great to be able to really get structure on the files shared with my DLNA devices.

Im currentlly using Mezzmo 2.1 Trial version and is putting it to the test against my two Samsung TV's,
One Samsung LED 40'' (UE40B7070) and one Samsung LCD 46'' (LE46B655)
Both televisions are suppose to support a wide viraity of media formats.

In Mezzmo, I have selected the Samsung LA device profile.
When playing video on my tv I do not get a full screen image.
It seems like some black areas are added to the video above and below.
And my guess that the added areas, since they stretch up high above and below the original video, prohibit the TV to change to a good fullscreen viewing.

I have been trying to play around with the device profiles (testing every one in the list) but onthe profiles that were able to play video the screen resolution did not change for the better.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could try to make things better?

The video im trying to send is a .AVI (Xvid) file with resolution 624x352
Im also using the included software for the Samsung TV (PC Share Manager 2.3) and this sends the video so that it is shown in full screen on the tv.

Anyone with syggestions?