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    I know there have been several threads in the past about this topic, but I wanted to make a quick suggestion for a small change to the "Get Online Metadata" window that I think would significantly help those of us who use the feature extensively for tv shows. One of the biggest and most frustrating issues that I come across is when I am trying to setup metadata for episodes of a tv show. It sometimes takes forever just to find the right search result. If you would like to see what I am talking about, go into the metadata window and search for "heroes". It returns 37 possible results. Out of the 37 results that are returned, the one that I want is number 22 on the list. For every episode that I want updated, I have have to search, navigate through 21 additional records to get the one that I want and then choose the correct episode title. Browsing through the 37 records take a while. The results are not always displayed instantaneously and sometimes I have had to wait for up to 30 seconds for the next record to load. I think this frustration could easily be eliminated by adding a simple text field for the search result number that is displayed in the search results. Right now, the only option that we have is to click the arrow button to go to the next record. If you could change the search result number so that we could input the record that we want, then it would save a lot of mouse clicking and a lot of wasted time waiting for results to display.



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    Well I both agree and disagree. The problem is what happens when the db changes. The record number may be inconsistent. I think a better option (also usable for the picture) is to display a frame like you would see if looking at a playlist. So all the results are shown side by side. Maybe adding a mouseover function to enlarge one. Essentially it would be the same but downloading all the entries at once.

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    Thanks for both suggestions. I agree that the Get Online Metadata dialog is a little too slow to browse through to find the right TV show or movie. We'll look into speeding it up for users.

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