A new version of Mezzmo has been released and is available for download now! New features and improvements include:

  • New: Polish language support.
  • New: Support for WD TV Live Media Player.
  • New: Support for Seagate FreeAgent+ Theater Media Player.
  • New: Support for .SHN files.
  • Improved: Oppo BDP device profile has improved MKV, MP3 anf PNG support.
  • Improved: DirecTV device profile has JPEG support.
  • Improved: LG BluRay has improved MPEG2 and MPEG2-TS (H264) support.
  • Improved: Samsung TV device profile has improved DivX and fast forward support.
  • Improved: Windows Media Player has improved WMV support.
  • Improved: Streaming native files to devices.
  • Fixed: Getting album artwork from internet providers sometimes fails.
  • Fixed: Duration is sometimes wrong when importing video files.
  • Fixed: Importing iTunes with Unicode folders and files.
  • Fixed: Importing M3U lists with Unicode folder names.
  • Fixed: Streaming linked playlists.

Please use Help -> Check for Updates or directly download from http://www.conceiva.com/downloads/mezzmo-setup.exe