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    Question Limited folder view

    Hi Dennis, promising project with Mezzmo. Question: I have created a folder-view kind of playlist "Downloads" that shows all albums in a folder. My media receiver reports a total of 12 what you call playlists (views) - Artists, Genre, Year etc. - , but I can only access 1-9, 10-12 are not shown. I hope 12 would be my self-created album folder view. Other media servers on my system like WMC or Twonky do not have this problem.

    I think since most of us users with large media collections and imperfect ID3 tags require simple folder views, from which to choose albums to play. I think Twonky addresses this best, with configurable ABC or ABCD folder views to choose from. In other words, I suggest you add a folder view option as a key playlist.

    I see the new Mezzmo version addresses a DNLA watch folder issue, but dont know if that covers my problem. I see Mezzmo connected to a Pinnacle ShowCenter 250

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    Hi Lucas,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    If I understand correctly, you have created a watch folder playlist pointing to a folder on your hard disk that contains your music albums? Or is it some other type of playlist?

    If it is a watch folder (and even if it's not), I'd strongly recommend updating your version of Mezzmo to the latest one (currently v1.1.2.0), if you haven't already, because there have been some fixes relevant especially for watch folders, large collections and DLNA.

    If it's something else, can you please provide me with more details and I'll be happy to help you resolve this problem.

    Can you please also tell me the version of Mezzmo that you are running?

    Best regards,


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