DownloadStudio v6.0 has been released. Improvements include:

  • New! 30-50% faster downloading algorithm. DownloadStudio has been tested against all popular download managers, and DownloadStudio was consistently the fastest download manager when downloading 1MB, 10MB, 100MB and 4GB files from web sites located around the world.
  • New! Download High-Definition (HD) video from Youtube, Metacafe and more.
  • New! Post processing actions. Automatically combine multi-part files (.001, .002, etc.) Automatically unzip compressed files.
  • New! Automatic audio/video conversion. Convert downloaded audio and video files to your preferred formats. For example, convert YouTube Flash video (FLV) files to MPEG-2, AVI, M4V or WMV.
  • New! Support for Mezzmo DLNA media server - download a movie and have it automatically added to Mezzmo so it can be streamed using DLNA to your TV!
  • New! Set proxy servers for specific web sites and download jobs. Add proxy server settings into your site rules or download jobs so you can download using different proxy servers depending on the site or URL.
  • New! Byte counter - all bytes downloaded are now counted and displayed on the status bar. Reset each month to match you ISP internet account.
  • Improved! Support for latest web browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more.
  • Fixed! More than 50 bug fixes made to this version, included many fixes for problems reported by customers.

If you can not see this update via 'Check for updates' you should manually download and install from: