Hello, I just purchased a license and was wondering how to do the following.
If i take this page for example: http://www.stockphotosforfree.com/ph...-released.html

I want to download all the webpages ( 1 to...28) and the webpage behind each thumbnail and the photo itself (with photo, I mean the full resolution photo which is located behind the "DOWNLOAD" link).

Downloading a webpage isn't a problem, the problem is how do I allow only one external source?
The files I want to download are hosted on an external site:
http://hss.338c.edgecastcdn.net/***.jpg (this is the external source)

So is it possible to do a job at unlimited depth at SERVER level and only allow one external source? => http://hss.338c.edgecastcdn.net/
As a bonus: Is it possible to target certain extensions (.gif in stead of .jpg) or image sizes (size above 30kb) on the external link or even do a regex on the external link?

The links "http://hss.338c.edgecastcdn.net/..." and is reachable if you go to a photo page and click the "DOWNLOAD" image link.

Thank you!