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    I find a varying speed + stop/start effect with downloads.

    "Bell" curve combos are displayed in the internet speed window. They go from 0KB/sec up & down to some maximum level and eventually back down again to 0, followed by a period of "no download" for a duration of 1-5 times of the previous download length!!! Which really brings down download efficiency.

    I have found this to be the case on different computers, networks, countries & XP/Vista. With previous versions (e.g. 3) the problem seems to be less accentuated!!

    Are there any known workarounds for this (like, in the settings)? Or...
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    As some splits finish and start downloading from a different location in the download file it is possible that there may be a very slight delay, but it should be barely noticeable.

    You are describing that your download is going down to 0 KB/sec at times, this sounds very unusual, especially if you are seeing it when downloading from different servers and quite often

    For a job that has this issue, can you send the following to our support email address, support [at] conceiva [dot] com
    • A screen snapshot showing the bandwidth graph
    • The exported job (select the job in the download list and select export from the file menu)
    • What version of the software you are running

    We will then be able to try and replicate the issue you have seen and offer some insight.
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