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    How accurate and I guess efficient are the multiple profiles that show up for my devices? Let me explain...I have various flavors of WDTV in my house. One WDTV live plus, 2 WDTV Live Hubs, and one WDTV Live third gen. The profiles the program selects for my devices varies each time I have it pick. It does choose a WDTV of some sort, but not often the correct ones. Most of the time it will select the WDTV live 1st gen. I have cycled thru the others and have not really noticed any differences in performance or viewing. In my mind they should be the "plus" profile, and the later three set to the "streaming" profile. Can you please clarify this for me? Thanks.

    added note - in case you are wondering why do I care if they all seem to work regardless of which I pick, then the answer is I don't feel any of them work optimally. I have times when it stutters alot. I also was hoping to get more info out of the Gen 3's at least. None of them show any sort of metadata like their own defualt UI's do. Just Thumbnails.

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    Mezzmo server's auto detects which device profile to use based on the initial information that the device includes when it contacts Mezzmo server for the first time. For some devices, this information can be quite detailed and enables Mezzmo server to accurately determine the correct device profile. For some other devices, this information be quite vague (e.g. provides same information as other device models), which results in less optimal device profile selection. We often tweak the device profiles when a new Mezzmo server is released to better detect devices based on this incoming information. In the end, you can and should override the auto selection of the device profile to the one that you know matches the device. In your case, you should select the matching WD TV Live device profiles to match your different WD TV Live models.

    If you are finding that one of the WD Live device profiles does not perform well, then let us know and we will happily improve it. Contact us at support [at] conceiva [dot] com with FFmpeg information on files that do not stream well and we'll work with your to improve the device profile.

    We have found that the WD TV Live models do not show all text metadata (e.g. album, artist, genre, description, etc.) when streaming via DLNA. They seem to only show just the title and artwork. Mezzmo server is delivering all information, but the WD TV's firmware seems to ignore it when streaming via DLNA. If you find a server that does display more information, let us know & we'll improve Mezzmo server to do the same.

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