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Thread: Downloading bank statements from secure bank site? Possible???

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    Default Downloading bank statements from secure bank site? Possible???

    I log on to my Chase bank site, and navigate to my "statements" page, where all the statements are listed. If I click on any month's statement link, it promptly opens up in Adobe Acrobat (they are in PDF format). And then I can save them to my computer.

    But since I want to download many statements, going all the way back to 2006, which mean all the months since then, I was wondering if it's possible to download ALL the links (statements) at once through DownloadStudio. Is this possible?

    I have tried doing so: 4 levels deep, secure log on username and pw typed into the 'properties' options, selected just .pdf files to be downloaded, etc., but all I got were lots of css files, definitely no statements or any PDF files at all. So what went wrong?

    The bank url is obviously a "https" one, so it's secure, so is it possible to download from a secure site, all my statements? If so, please instruct.


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    It is difficult for us to know exactly what is happening, as it is a secure site so we can not try it out here. A couple of comments:

    Https downloads are supported by DownloadStudio, that should not be an issue.
    The username and password login details only work for web sites that use http authentication. Most sites on the internet use a private authentication process and creating a 'cookie' for communication with the server. This cookie then is passed to the server with each request to authenticate your session. DownloadStudio normally is able to download from sites using private authentication by reading the cookie that is created when you login and using it for communication with the server.

    To test to see if DownloadStudio is getting past the authentication page, login to your account, then download a html page from the bank in DownloadStudio. Open the downloaded html file in your browser, if it is just a login page for the bank then DownloadStudio is not getting past the authentication. To increase the chance that DownloadStudio has the correct cookie try starting the download from your web browser using the DownloadStudio web browser integration, this will pass the cookie straight from the browser to DownloadStudio and DownloadStudio will then use that cookie when requests are made to the server.

    I hope this information helps.
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